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  1. We requested a quote from John Mason and quote we got was horrendously overpriced. We are only moving a small amount of stuff. Around 10 boxes and a golf bag. Quote received from JM was almost double what Seven Seas quoted.
  2. To those who went through the process of applying for an import permit, could you help with some questions? I'm going back to Australia in October this year (flight is already booked) and still contemplating whether to take my car with me but thought I would apply for the import permit anyway just in case as it only costs $50. However, I have some issues with the documents that are required when applying for the permit. 1) I can't for the life of me find a copy of the sales invoice. It was purchased from a private seller and I thought we still drew up an invoice and signed it but I can't find it. I have bank statements that show transfer of money to the previous owner but that's about it. 2) I don't see how I can satisfy the 100 points required when applying for the permit. I have not resigned from my current job yet as I have 3 months notice period so plan to hand in my notice late in June. My wife and I will initially be living at my parents place so there is no rental agreement or proof of house purchase in Australia I can provide nor any telephone or utility related documents. As for the flat we are living in at the moment, we will most likely rent it out but we have not signed any rental agreement with an agency or anyone as it's too early to do that and won't probably be done until it's too late to even think about applying for import permit. How do I go about solving the issues above? Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
  3. Thanks. I've done some man-maths and I just can't see how I would benefit from taking it with me. I could sell it here and get about £27-29k for it which equates to A$46-49k. Taking it with me and getting it on the road will cost roughly £10k or A$17k. That means the car has cost me in the region of $63k-66k. In Australia, similar cars cost around $80-85k. Assuming I get 20% less than market value due to it being an import, that means I will only break even as I can only get $64-68k for it. Both insurance and rego seems more costly in Australia too. I pay around £370 a year for insurance in the UK but I tried getting a quote from Allianz (tried few others but they won't even give a quote online due to the high performance nature of the car) and they quoted me $1400. It just seems like a lot of effort for not much gain. I'm also located in Aberdeen so it will probably cost me more to get the transported over to the nearest port.
  4. Thanks for sharing your experience Impasse. Did you have any problem getting insurance? A few things that makes me hesitate taking my C63 with me is not knowing how difficult it would be to sell at a reasonable price due to it being a personal import and difficulty of getting insurance, especially due to it being a high performance car. Your experience with sat nav is a bit off putting as well. Apart from sat nav, did the radio etc all work ok? Not sure if you have DAB, but if so, did this work ok? Thanks
  5. Thanks Ironchef. I have requested quote through the Ironlady website. I wasn't sure whether I would lose too much money when I come to sell it due to it being an import as I know imports usually scare peole in Australia and it being quite an expensive car, whether it would be too difficult to sell.
  6. Hi Ironchef, We are moving back to Australia in October 2017 and was wondering whether it would be worth taking my car below? Thanks - year of manufacture 2013 - make, model & variant Mercedes Benz C63 AMG - body type (coupe, convertible, etc) Saloon - engine size & fuel type 6.2L Petrol - transmission Automatic - drive type (4WD, front wheel drive, etc) Rear wheel drive - mileage 38,000 miles - any special features, options or modification 19 inch wheels, Harman Kardon sound system - does it have aircon Yes - realistic current UK market value £27,000 - Australian RedBook value (www.redbook.com.au - click through to the page with 'Private Price Guide', 'Trade In Price Guide' and 'Price When New' listed, then tell us the 'Private Price Guide' range) $75,200 - $81,600 - Australian market value (http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/search.aspx - search for the closest matching vehicle) $80,000-$90,000 - which Australian state/city QLD / Brisbane