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  1. Hi folks, I'm in the same boat - really hoping to hear soon - how long have you guys been waiting? lodged my 190 VISA application from Melbourne for NSW 190 on 20/03 CO allocated- 28/3 Additional doc (PCC) and Medicals - 10/04 Awaiting....
  2. ClaireerialC

    190 Visa Lodged- Dec 2016

    Hi Laura, Have you heard any more? My other half has a few cautions too and just a bit nervous. We submitted all docs on 10/4 and hoping to hear asap!!!
  3. ClaireerialC

    PCC - worried about cautions

    Yea - it lists them all, ugh I was hoping the character statement would be enough. Yea I have the same fear, just want it granted so we don't have to live in limbo any longer! xx
  4. ClaireerialC

    PCC - worried about cautions

    There was 2 drug offences, one obstructing police and one criminal damage. All between 2008 and 2012 so at least 5 years ago. I didn't explain them, but i had a friend who works for Border control to write a character reference. I can't stand the wait - you're about a month a head of me, i was really hoping I'd know by now
  5. ClaireerialC

    PCC - worried about cautions

    EOI submitted - January - not sure which date! NSW Invite - 9/2/17 Invite to apply - 13/3/17
  6. Hi Folks, Applied for 190 visa on 20/3/17, was asked to provide more work history, form 80 and medical on 28/3/17 . Everything submitted by 10/4/17, medical clearance on 12/4/17. Just wondering.. my partner had 4 cautions on his UK police check from more than 5 years ago - will this affect the visa at all? If so, how? How long normally does it take to hear back from all submitted paperwork for visa grant? Will 3 arrests be an issue? Feeling nervous.. Thanks x