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  1. Hi guys, on the 6th of April I received the notification of nomination refusal for a visa 187. My employer decided to appeal for merits review to the AAT. My question is: while filling the appeal application form online, which option should he choose for the point "Select the decision to be reviewed"? 1) visa refusal 2) business sponsor approval refusal or variation 3 refusal of nominated activity or position Thank you!
  2. My occupation is bar manager, under the Restaurant and Cafe Manager ANZSCO code. The nomination was refused because the restaurant I work at has already a sponsored restaurant manager, and the immigration officer stated that " there can only be one manager responsible for the overall operation". However, this statement is not correct as me and the restaurant manager have different roles and we work indipendently. On the 6th of April my employer received the refusal letter. From that moment he has 21 days to appeal. Can anyone help me with my question? THanks!