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  1. If you have a copy of your PR application to hand it's an absolute breeze. Plus, even if you didn't have all the info available for quick reference, there's no complexity like there can be with visas. It's pretty black and white if you meet the criteria!

  2. 10 hours ago, rossco2810 said:


    We are beginning the Citizenship application & have reached the request for travel section where we are asked to detail everywhere that we have lived since the age of 18. As we are originally from the UK we travelled in Europe a lot - do we need to detail all of these holidays?!? Also where you detail travel to other countries, do you have to enter that between each holiday you were living in the UK? Losing the will to live trying to remember/search for details of all our holidays



    It's a pain but yes, all the info you can give is recommended. If they are a long time ago and you have no emails, credit card/bank statements or photographs to help you work out the dates, then rough dates are better than nothing IMO.

    We'd already done it for PR, so it was easy to copy over for citizenship.

    Just checking are you needing 'lived' or 'visited' countries? double check the definition!

  3. If no further information is required, the next step will be an appointment for your interview & test.

    No way of knowing exactly, but current processing times shown below. 'application to decision' is the first of the steps indicated in the table, but this takes in to account the test/interview and waiting for decision. All going well, a rough estimate would be anywhere from 3-12 months from application to test invite. Apologies there's no more accurate information or predication that can really be provided.

    Refer: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/citizenship/citizenship-processing-times



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  4. After a 7 year immigration journey, this isn't exactly how i'd imagined my citizenship ceremony. But alas, it's done... we're dual citizens of Australia and the UK!

    Thanks to everyone for all the help over the years, i hope i've been able to help others too throughout the 457 & 186 processes. It's been great to be a part of the forum through all the stress and elation!

    All the best to those still waiting, your time will come really soon!



    Disclaimer: photo was taken after our ceremony for comedy effect, no recordings were taken during the ceremony itself!


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  5. 10 hours ago, Aquarian_86 said:

    Hi All,

    Can any of the members who received the virtual ceremony invite kindly  confirm whether the email they received from the dept also shows up in the list of  correspondence /messages in their Immi account?


    Doesn't appear in mine no. I wouldn't expect a ceremony invite to though, virtual or not.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Lasanga Herath said:

    Congratulations @millski88 . Finally!!!!

    It’s been a long road!

    I just think back to the times leading up to getting the 457 application in, where I had only a few weeks left on a 417! Then similar times moving over to 186, where I had no idea if I was going to be eligible with the changes in law coming in.

    Now all distant memories thankfully, but not without a fair helping of stress at the time!

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  7. 6 hours ago, markix said:



    On 24/05/2020 at 12:00, markix said:

    hi! can the location of the citizenship test be changed once the application has been submitted? if so, how? in change address details in the immiacount? send email? thanks! 

    Are you moving far? There's not many options for sitting the test, unless you are moving interstate there wouldn't likely be a difference in where you sit it.

    Regardless of where, if you have moved you do need to update your address in your application in immi account. You need to actually go in to the citizenship application within immi account and use 'Update details' there on the left hand side. Just updating your 'account' details in immi account doesn't cut it, as i learned!

    If you're worried about where your test will be, i'd call immigration and ask.


  8. 5 hours ago, Moyale said:

    Hi guys,

    Just to add my timeline:

    Application: 03 May 2019

    Test email: 19 October 2019.

    Test/Interview Date:  13 December 2019 (Rescheduled to 22 October)

    Test/Interview completed o: 22 October 2019. Passed

    Approval date:    12 December 2019.

    Ceremony:    Still Waiting.


    Any advice?

    Advice is always to wait the 90% timeframe as published on DoHA's website before considering any further action. This is currently 7 months from approval to ceremony, so with your approval date this'll be 12th July.

    It sucks, but the 90% timeframe could very well extend further, given that the processing of ceremonies will have slowed right down during covid-19. 


  9. 1 hour ago, Ravi2019 said:

    Hi all,

    Congratulations who got virtual ceremony invite , just for curiosity what compelling reason you guys mentioned? Say if I have to apply for a job where Citizen is pre-requsite, then what evidence is required ?

    In my case,  citizenship approved just under two months so should I wait atleast 3-6 months as per their general statement on approval letter or just write an email for virtual ceremony>

    Appreciate your valuable suggestion.



    I get the feeling many didn't have 'compelling reasons'

  10. 6 hours ago, IndianzinOZ said:

    Hi Guys,

    I am asking this to guys who had virtual ceremony. Should we wear suit, professional dress for the ceremony or I will say just wear something professional waist above.

    I am just wondering should we be doing the ceremony standing or sitting in front of laptop. I am working from home and I have got ceremony on 20th April 4 pm.

    I really think you're sweating the small stuff here. I'm sure it's fine to wear whatever you want given the circumstances, it's not as if anyone is going to witness it or be taking photos of you or anything.

  11. 3 hours ago, Maryan said:

    Got email from Virtual ceremony to check I'm OK to go ahead with Virtual way of ceremony and asking me to confirm it by 21st of April'20. Mostly will get to know the actual dates in the coming weeks. Will keep you posted here.

    Awesome! Yeah it’d be interesting to know if you’d previously had a ceremony cancelled or if you were waiting for one.

  12. Update on virtual ceremonies (from the one person i've seen online to post about their experience)

    • Currently only Canberra office performing online ceremonies, with randomly selected applicants (likely picked from those who already had a ceremony scheduled and cancelled)
    • Starting Monday next week, Melbourne DoHA office joins in the initial batches, followed by other state's offices
    • After this (not sure of exact timeframe), local councils will be briefed on the process and will also start hosting virtual ceremonies

    Apparently took 6 minutes today for this person to complete theirs and ask lots of questions.

    EDIT: Just confirmed, case officer said the local councils will resume on their lists once they're up and running, rather than a national pool. But a national team will continue picking up slack across all councils too.

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  13. On 12/04/2020 at 19:12, Ravi2019 said:

    Dear all

    Has any one lucky so far to get invite for Citizenship Ceremony with Govt's new approach ?




    Seen someone on another forum get one already. They'd already had a ceremony scheduled in March though, which had been cancelled. The online ceremony was scheduled 2 days after this person received an email, and they were asked to confirm immediately. The email emphasised that this was a trial run at online ceremonies, so they might not yet be in full swing.