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  1. JR1988

    WHV questions

    possibly, im not sure on this and havent been able to find any information on it
  2. JR1988

    WHV questions

    ok thanks, so it sounds like i could get to Australia, do my 3 months regional and apply for my second year straight after which would be before turning 31 ( January 2019 )
  3. JR1988

    WHV questions

    Never heard that you can only apply once for a WHV, any links to this information? Another question, can you apply for a second year as soon as you have done your 3months regional work or do you have to complete a whole year? If i get to Australia and do my regional straight away then i'll still be 30 when applying to stay for a second year
  4. JR1988

    WHV questions

    Hi can anyone help with answering these questions when it comes to a 417 WHV Do you have a year to use the visa from the date it was granted or date it was applied for? There is a few months difference between these 2 with my visa and im assuming its the date it was granted but need to be 110% sure If you dont use the visa within the one year do you need to re-apply or is there anyway of extending your current visa? It says the visa is for 18 to 30 year olds, i turned 30 a few months ago so im assuming its still ok to use it? And what happens regarding a second year at this old age, can you apply if you've done a first year but you're now 31? Thanks
  5. JR1988

    Medicare or travel insurance?

    found some quotes around £100 a year so not too bad, is it worth getting both medicare and insurance so you dont have to claim if you just visit a doctor etc..
  6. JR1988

    Setting up a bank account in OZ

    Ok thanks il check that out
  7. Im off to oz in a couple weeks and want to make sure im covered if something happens, ive just been looking around at insurance and found out about medicare. Is this enough for a UK citizen going on a 417 WHV or do i need travel insurance? Theres so much different information out there! Does medicare bill the NHS if you use it while in oz? If i do need more than medicare is it just a case of shopping around or are there comparison sites or even insurers for travellers on a WHV ? Thanks
  8. JR1988

    Setting up a bank account in OZ

    Im not with HSBC but might be worth opening an account while im here if its free to transfer Ive read that most of the banks in oz charge a "account keeping fee" of a few $ a month, are there any that dont charge? Ive come across Transferwise which looks like a decent way of transfering money and has some good reviews, anyone here used them? https://transferwise.com/gb/send-money/send-money-to-australia
  9. JR1988

    Setting up a bank account in OZ

    also who is the best bank to go with for people on a WHV ?
  10. Has anyone got any tips for setting up a bank account in oz and transfering money from my UK account to the oz account? Just been to see someone in my bank and they didnt have a clue how i can transfer money from one to the other I get charged if i pull the money out the ATM using my UK account and would be a limit on doing this so whats the easiest and cheapest way? Looking to transfer a few £1000 to a oz account Thanks
  11. JR1988

    Convictions and Cautions

    yes, i check on their website every few days as well and it still says "In progress" so i need to contact them to find out whats going
  12. JR1988

    Convictions and Cautions

    was that for cautions or a spent convictions? A caution isnt a conviction so there should be no problem Does anyone know the best way to contact them to find out whats happening? It has been close to 2 months now which i find very unfair given the circumstance, do i phone Australia house UK or is there a email address for dealing with a already lodged application?
  13. JR1988

    Convictions and Cautions

    Yes but i still dont think i needed to declare it, it would be helpful if there was more information on the website such as "You do not need to declare cautions, warnings etc..", would save them and us a lot of hassle Now that i have said yes to the conviction question i wonder if i need to tick yes on the passenger card, hopefully it wont be on their system that i have a conviction, which i dont
  14. I applied for my 417 visa just over a month ago and after reading so much different information online about convictions and cautions it made me very confused on what you actually need to declare, i phoned Australia house to try and get a clear answer but they told me just be honest which didnt really help me. I had a police caution over 4 years ago which isnt a conviction but i kept reading it is better to declare than not to declare so when applying i answered yes to the "Do you have any convictions" question because there is no option to declare a caution. In my supporting letter i clearly stated that i wasnt sure which box to tick and explained i had only a caution and my police certificate backed this up. Now its been over a month and ive had time to clear my head the more i think about it the more i think i didnt need to declare it and wondering if i should contact them again to ask whats going on and that i think i made a mistake by answering yes to that question? Or is it a case of whats done is done and just wait? I would of thought that i would of had a answer by now as they can clearly see i have no convictions Now that i have answered yes to this question am i going to have to answer yes on the incoming passenger card? Thanks