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  1. mikemccullough84

    TSS Qs

    Cool beans storms, thanks for your very big word of caution.
  2. mikemccullough84

    TSS Qs

    My whole future depends on it.... I will be nothing without it.
  3. mikemccullough84

    TSS Qs

    Thanks for all your positive vibes and wealth of knowledge. It is always darkest before the dawn. *compare gold price in AUD now to the height of the boom in 2011/12
  4. mikemccullough84

    TSS Qs

    It is always good to know where you stand Marisawright, I always try and look at the positives. Got to be able to roll with the punches eh. We aren't in a position to be applying for PR just at the moment, however should change in the future, you never know what is around the corner. This epic infrastructure budget that the Australian government has got for spending in the next 5 years and the upcoming mining boom is sure to but some pressure on the labor market.
  5. mikemccullough84

    TSS Qs

    Thanks for that Marisawright, that is good to know. I'm still going ahead with the visa and seeing how we go. I'm fed up of jump through hoop after hoop only to have the goal posts move so just going to start enjoying ourselves. Cheers
  6. mikemccullough84

    TSS Qs

    Hi, I've just been sponsored on a TSS 4 year visa, everything has been approved but I just have a few questions. It says PR is available upon 3 years work and positive skills assessment. Has this already been positively assessed or will I need to go through the rigmarole of getting a skills assessment as if I was migrating through GSM? I've sent my CV and qualifications certs through during the application process but I never get a skills assessment directly myself as everything was done through my employers visa agent. The need to have health insurance is a pre-requisite, does anyone know the best place for someone from the UK to get the basic policy for this for myself and partner? Thanks for you help all
  7. mikemccullough84

    Survey technician vetassess

    Hello all, I have just looked at lodging my skills assessment as a survey technician with vetasses, I have an unrelated undergraduate degree and a relevant postgraduate. When uploading my education certs will I need to upload the undergraduate and my A levels etc? Cheers Sent from my ONE E1003 using PomsinOz mobile app
  8. mikemccullough84

    Survey technician skills assessment & EILTS

    Thanks very much for your rapid response. Yes my work experience is highly relevant so that isn't so much of an issue.
  9. Hi all, just needed to pick your brains re the my situation. Basically i have a MSc in Surveying and have worked as an engineering surveyor for 2.5 years and a junior surveyor 1 year ten years ago..... I have an unrelated undergraduate however so am forced to look at CSOL occupations (i.e. Survey Technician). Does anyone know if my MSc should pass as a AQF diploma via vetassess? Also in order to get my points up I'm going to have to do an English test and score 8s. I'm an native English speaker and just wondered if anyone has any tips on getting 8s in the scores? Thanks heaps in advance ? Mike