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  1. Hi Everyone, I thought this may be the best place to bring my query, curious to see if anyone may be able to help? I currently hold a WHV 417, however I have just received funding from a UK entity which will enable me to submit a EOI to apply for the business innovation visa 188. The 188 visa allows 4 years in the country to start a business which is what my final intentions would be. I would've considered getting my 2nd year visa however I am not in a position where I can afford to lose 3 months doing agriculture work as my time is mainly invested in business start up.Would anyone possibly know if I am able to apply for visa 188 on a WVH in Australia? Also if anyone had any more knowledge about visa 188 itself?Any kind of info at this stage would be great, thanks everyone!Rob
  2. RobDavies

    Working Holiday Visa / ABN

    thanks for the reply, do you possibly know how it works regarding insurance for business on a WVH? Also if regional work isn't undertaken and the end of the 1 year finishes, what happens to the company/enterprise once your time is up? Appreciate the help.
  3. RobDavies

    Working Holiday Visa / ABN

    Hi everyone, hoping someone might be able to help with a question please?I am going to Australia on a working holiday visa, am I allowed a ABN number on a working holiday visa, and if I am, would this allow me to work for myself/open a business and actively seek work selling a product or service to various clients? Im under the impression you are, and the purpose on the ABN is so you can invoice people or companies for your service or product, but I'm not sure what is/not allowed with regards to time of working self employed, if I work for various clients does this mean I haven't worked for the same company for 6 months? Also room for expansion/possible employment, and all the other potential options that may occur. Also would I still need to do 3 months farm work in order to apply for a 2nd year WHV? Maybe someone has some experience or knowledge of the matter and could share their know how? Much appreciated!