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  1. 3 hours ago, VERYSTORMY said:

    The health side shouldn't be an issue if there is no short or long term actual issue. The Australian government gets concerned if people have conditions which will cost the health system money. 

    Pas pointed out, if you want to make this a long term move, then yes, you should apply for permanent residence as soon as possible as the sponsored visa is probably a 457. This is a temporary visa for up to four years. It comes with a significant number of issues. These include:

    There is no automatic path to permanent residence and it is not possible to apply for citizenship from one

    Many states charge holders for education 

    The visa is tied to the employer, so if she were to lose her job for any reason, she would have 60 days to find another employer willing and able to sponsor or you all have to leave the country. 

    The partners of 457 holders can find it difficult to get jobs

    there is no access to any state benefits. 

    As for citizenship and an Australian passport, you need to hold a visa for 4 years with a minimum of one of those years as a permanent resident before you can apply. Once you are eligible to apply, the process takes 6 to 12 months. 

    Thank you - I knew it took min 4 years before applying but didn't know if you could apply from a 457 - seems skilled visa is the way to go. 

  2. 5 hours ago, Quoll said:

    Which state? Temporary visas are just that, temporary and in some states you have to pay for school education and you get no help with child care anywhere in Australia. You are supposed to have health insurance cover because on a temporary visa you are only covered by the reciprocal agreement (assuming you are from UK) which doesn't cover everything, only necessary medical intervention.

    If you can get a permanent visa in your own right and you have kids then that is a better way to go. On the temporary visa you could be out on your ear in 60 days at any time. 

    There is no asap with citizenship, it's going to take you 4 years at least.

    Thanks - Victoria. We're going to apply for the permanent skills visa (we have both been pre checked and have 60pts, and my wife's occupation is on the list) before we leave but will go on the 457 in the meantime I think...

  3. Hello, hope someone can help...

    My wife has a job offer in Oz, with a sponsored visa being paid for by the employer to get us there as quickly as possible.

    Should we apply for a skilled migration visa alongside this too so we can get access to childcare, healthcare, etc? Or is this the same on both types of visa?

    We also want to start our progression to citizenship and ultimately get our Aussie passports asap, so should we get the skilled visa to get that process going?

    Also have a query on health - I've been diagnosed with cortical dispalsia (a cluster of neurons in the brain in the wrong place) I have no symptoms at all, prognosis is i'll never have any, so I'm not ill and don't need treatment -  this was found by chance in a scan for something else... will this effect our visas?...

    Thanks in advance folks!