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  1. Thank you - I knew it took min 4 years before applying but didn't know if you could apply from a 457 - seems skilled visa is the way to go.
  2. Thanks - Victoria. We're going to apply for the permanent skills visa (we have both been pre checked and have 60pts, and my wife's occupation is on the list) before we leave but will go on the 457 in the meantime I think...
  3. Hello, hope someone can help... My wife has a job offer in Oz, with a sponsored visa being paid for by the employer to get us there as quickly as possible. Should we apply for a skilled migration visa alongside this too so we can get access to childcare, healthcare, etc? Or is this the same on both types of visa? We also want to start our progression to citizenship and ultimately get our Aussie passports asap, so should we get the skilled visa to get that process going? Also have a query on health - I've been diagnosed with cortical dispalsia (a cluster of neurons in the brain in the wrong place) I have no symptoms at all, prognosis is i'll never have any, so I'm not ill and don't need treatment - this was found by chance in a scan for something else... will this effect our visas?... Thanks in advance folks!