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  1. Hoang Quyen Le

    Documents Needed For NSW Nomination

    Hi everyone, I have a few questions that I hope I will get the answers here. I have just received an email stating that I got pre invited by NSW yesterday. The state gives me 14 days to complete the application form for NSW nomination. The state also requires me to provide documents as proofs to show that my case is genuine and my point is real. I'll break down my point to make it a little easier to understand. - Age: 30p (PROOF: Passport) - English: 20p (PROOF: PTE certificate) - Australian study + Qualifications: 5p + 10p (PROOF: All of my certificates) - Single: 10p (I don't think I need to show any proof for this category) There are 2 categories left, which are experience point (5p) and regional study (5p) that I'm not sure which documents I should submit as evidence. Unfortunately, the official website of NSW does not list which specific documents either. I don't have an employment contract since I'm casual (but I have been working at my current workplace for almost 2 years, with working hours ranging from 15+ to 40+/week). I can get my hands on my pay slips, letter of employment confirmation, bank transaction history and payment summary. Are there any other documents that I should provide? Should I also provide tax assessment or super certificate as well? Thank you in advance for any kind souls who reply to this post. I would be really appreciated.
  2. Hoang Quyen Le

    Student Visa After 485 Expires.

    I did everything by myself. It took a lot of time for research, but yeah, I did everything myself.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a question in regards of claiming work experience. So I have a friend who is currently working as a chef. His pay rate is in line with the hospitality industry awards. He works Fri, Sat & Sun. He's a casual so his weekly working hours vary, it can be 17, 18 or sometimes even 20+/week. He still abides by the working hour restricted rule, here's an example of it: 1st week of September: He worked 19.25h 2nd week of September: He worked 19.25h 3rd week of September: He worked 20.5h 4th week of September: He worked 19h The problem is, according to what I understand, in order to claim work experience, the applicant needs to work at least 20h/week. However, his agent said that even though he did not strictly work 20h/week every week, he still could claim the experience. The agent said when the CO asked for proof of employment, normally only payment summary and letter of employment confirmation/employment contract were needed. The CO may require payslips as well, but he (my friend) only needs to submit 12 weekly payslips which shows that he works 20h in the period of 12 working months (In the example above, that would mean he would use the payslip of the 3rd week of Sep). So here's my question. Is what the agent said true? Or besides payment summary and letter of employment confirmation/employment contract, the CO will require EVERY SINGLE payslip for every working months that you claim you have worked? I'm looking forward to any clarification. Thank you in advance.
  4. At the moment, you get 5p if you apply for 190 and 10p for 489. After the changes are applied in November, you still only get 5p for 190, but you will get 15p for 491 (the new 489).
  5. This is the information that Iscah released in May 2019. According to them, 34% of EOIs in the pool at that time are singles. But I guess this number is already different now. Perhaps, I did not express very clearly in my post above. It's true that singles are the ones who will benefit the most from the changes, however, if people choose to "cheat", then there will be a huge amount of applicants who are singles => singles will become a new normal. Let's just say in case nobody does anything shady, then you (as a single) will have to compete with 5000 other applicants (this number is just a random number I choose) who are also single, but if they do want to game the system like I said, then you may have to compete with 8000 other applicants (again, just a random number I choose) => the competition is gonna be tougher for genuine singles and applicants who have partners with competent English and SA. I guess while it's still a good thing for applicants from categories 1 & 2, it may not be as good if people try to exploit the changes. I completely agree with what you say, however, you have no idea how many people have already had this thought in their mind. Some of them even asked if they could still get 10p if they declared that they were married but wouldn't include their partners in the applications. Some even think of lying about marital status.
  6. So, as you can see, this thread is about what the title says. Just to be clear, I am, by all means, not an expert, but here is my take on this issue. First, please let me present the types of applicants at the moment and how the changes in Nov will affect them. 1/ Applicants whose partners have English & SA at the moment => they currently get 5p from their partners ---> When the change is implemented, they will get 10p, instead of 5p like before => BENEFICIAL 2/ Applicants who are single at the moment => they currently get 0 point. ---> When the change is implemented, they will get 10p => BENEFICIAL 3/ Applicants whose partners have English, but no SA at the moment => they currently get 0 point from their partners. ---> When the change is implemented, they will get 5 points instead of 0 point like before => BENEFICIAL 4/ Applicants whose partners have no English and no SA at the moment => they currently get 0 point from their partners. ----> When the change is implemented, they will still get 0 point like before => NOTHING CHANGE There is also a degree of priority being introduced in Nov, with singles and applicants whose partners have SA and competent English are considered to be equally first. Applicants whose partners only have competent English to be second and applicants whose partners have no English as well as SA to be last. This change is obviously good for singles and applicants with skilled and competent in English partners. However, people can game the new system, and here’s why I say this. In my opinion, base on what I stated above, the applicants who fall into category 3 & 4 (whether their relationships are genuine or not) will CLAIM TO BE SINGLE again in order to get 10 points, instead of only 5 points or no point at all, for the purpose of boosting their total points for a better chance at getting PR. For real couples, after the main applicants have already got PR, the other spouses, who weren’t included in the PR visa, can always lodge a partner visa after that. This is obviously easier to be done by people who are in de factor relationship rather than married couples as they don’t have to go through the complicated divorce process, which from what I understand is time consuming as costly as well. Of course this will make the PR path for both partners (de factor or married) become much more expensive and take much more time. There are also possible risks of breaking up or getting divorce for real, but let’s not talk about that now. In short, I expect there will be a lot of break-up cases in the upcoming November after the new changes are implemented. As suspicious as it looks, DHA can’t really prove if the break-ups are real or not and will have no choice but to accept that. Of course DHA can always alter the requirements or blacklist those applicants who do those shady things and thus make it harder for them to “sponsor” their spouses in the future, but who knows. I could be wrong on this, I guess we just have to wait and see how things turn out.
  7. Hoang Quyen Le

    Student Visa After 485 Expires.

    In case anyone reads this post, I was granted the student visa, the answers for all these questions are: 1. I did not get 'No Further Stay' condition, my course package that I use to apply for the student visa lasts for 1 year. 2. Not sure if it's high or not, but I was granted the student visa. 3. Obviously, it sounded convincing to the immigration... 4. The immigration did not say anything since I have already submitted financial proofs in advance. In short, the only thing they required me to submit after my application is my health exam, after that I was granted the visa.
  8. Hoang Quyen Le

    Student Visa After 485 Expires.

    Hi all, I'm currently on 485 and I'm still in the process of collecting documents for EOI (which are PTE & JRP) and it's quite obvious that I won't be able to obtain the invitation letter before my current 485 visa expires this July, let alone a bridging visa. I intend to apply for another student visa. My background is Cert 3 + 4 in Commercial Cookery & Dip & Adv Dip of Hospitality. Before I wanted to choose Cert 3 in Pastisserie, but since that certificate is a lower level certificate compared to my highest certificate (which is Adv Dip) so I have decided to choose Dip + Adv Dip of Business (each course lasts for 6 months so the total will be 1 year). My questions are: 1/ Since my course is quite short, will it easy for me to get 'No Further Stay' Condition? I have read somewhere that if the course is less than 10 months then the stake is high. 2/ Is the chance that my student visa is refused by immigration high? Is Adv Dip high enough? 3/ For my Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE), I intend to explain to the immigration that since I have been working in the hospitality industry for a year, and since my dream is opening a restaurant back in my country (I also used this same reason in my previous GTE for my student visa in 2015), I feel like the knowledge that I possess is still not enough for me to run my future business successfully, therefore I decided to choose Dip + Adv Dip of Business blah blah blah... With this explanation, will my GTE sound convincing to the immigration? 4/ I used the document checklist tool from the immigration website to check if I will have to submit financial evidence or not based on my passport country and the college that I choose, and the result was that I did not have to show financial proof. Will there be any chance that the immigration still decides to ask me to provide financial proofs? I'm looking forward to any advice out there. Thank you so much in advance!!!
  9. Hoang Quyen Le

    Skills Assessment for Chef

    Hi everyone There are several questions related to skills assessment for chef that I hope I can get the answers from you. I studied Commercial Cookery and obtained my Cert IV in Commercial Cookery in Dec 2016. Since the new visa 482 & 187 are no longer suitable for new graduates like myself, I'm thinking about applying for visa 189 (if I have 65+ points) or 190. Besides English (which I need to achieve), I also have to obtain a full skills assessment which normally lasts for 1 year. However, as chef can be divided into several categories such as commis chef (kind of like kitchen hand), chef de partie (responsible for a section in the kitchen), sous chef, head chef etc. I wonder what kind of chef position that I need to look for in order to be eligible to apply and obtain the CHEF skills assessment. I know that the responsibility for head chef/sous chef is much more complicated and heavier compares to the responsibility of commis chef. Any advice is appreciated!! I would love to know if anyone got their skills assessment for chef and under which exact position.
  10. Hoang Quyen Le


    What jdiane said was right. 60 is the minimum pass mark that you must get in order to apply for 189. However, at the moment there are a lot of candidates who have 60+ points applying for 189 and DIPB will select from the top to bottom. That means they will select candidates who have the highest total points first (90 >> 80 >> 70 etc.), when they select enough candidates for a round, they will not give more invitation letters. I do not really know what happens with those candidates who do not get the invitation letter. They maybe either rejected or move to the next round (I'm not sure). Chef is still in the list and if you apply under chef, you can choose either 189, 190 or 489 Cook on the other hand is only available for 190, 489 Skills assessment do not grant you any points, the points come from the period of time that you spent while doing the skill assessment (a full skill assessment normally takes 1 year). Therefore you got 1 year experience. From what I understand, you have 2 years experience in total (from 2 years part-time and 1 year full-time doing skill assessment), which give you 5 points. If you have any oversea qualifications, you maybe able to claim more points from it (the qualification does not have to be a chef qualification, Ex: you can still claim points using business management qualification even though you apply under chef), but that qualification has to be compared with Australian qualifications. If you can, I still suggest you talk to migration agent. Everybody's case is different. All of the information above I have searched and collected from multiple sources (which can be unreliable or outdated).
  11. Hoang Quyen Le

    Some Questions About Qualification Points for 189&190

    Hi wrussell Sorry I did not pay attention when giving an example, you are right, she needs a bachelor degree . However, if I change the Adv Dip degree to bachelor degree in the above example, my question is "Can she also claim points using her other qualification which is not related to accounting? Both qualifications are obtained in Australia"
  12. Hoang Quyen Le

    Some Questions About Qualification Points for 189&190

    Thank you, lothar. I really appreciate your reply. About question no. 2, base on your reply, I assume it's regardless of what kind of qualifications, I can still claim points. Is that correct? For example: My sister has Advanced Diploma of Accounting and Diploma of Hospitality Management (they are not in the same category/specialization). She got them both from Australian colleges. She wants to apply 189 under accountant. She can claim 10 points from her Adv Diploma for sure. What's about the Diploma certificate? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @wininim I intend to apply under chef. I'm currently living in WA, but that may change though
  13. Hi everyone There are a few things about qualifications that I do not quite get, so I hope someone can help me to clarify them. 1/Oversea qualification - from what I research, Australian government only recognizes some particular universities/colleges in some particular countries. My country (Vietnam) is on the list. However, I'm not too sure if the college that I attended and obtained my qualification from is also on the list or not. Is there a way to figure out? 2/The major of the qualification - I studied restaurant management for 3 years and got my certificate in Vietnam. Let's assume that my qualification is recognized by DIPB, can I use my certificate to claim some more points if I want to apply for 189/190? (I studied commercial cookery and hospitality management for 2.5 years in Australia and also got certificates. The certificates I got from Vietnam and Australia are somewhat related but not entirely the same) 3/During 2.5 years study in Australia, I got 4 certificates (Cert III & IV in Commercial Cookery, Diploma & Advanced Diploma of Hospitality), if I only submit my EOI using my Diploma certificate to get 10 points, does it mean I can claim another 10 points using my Advanced Diploma certificate? I'm looking forward to your replies
  14. Hi Rhea Thank you for your suggestion but I do have formal qualifications. I have Cert III & Cert IV in Commercial Cookery as well as Diploma & Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management. I even proceeded and got the positive respond from TRA for the 1st of JRP which is PSA.
  15. Hi everyone I'm really confused and need help desperately. The DIPB has stated that the experience points can only be claimed after you are deemed QUALIFIED. But how am I suppose to know when I'm qualified or not? In my opinion, that means I have to finish all 4 steps of the Job Ready Program (JRP) and actually obtain a certificate from TRA. After that, I can start to accumulate my experience points. However, a friend of mine has said that I do not need to finish all 4 steps in order to start calculating experience points. He said I just need to finish the 1st step which is Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA). As soon as I get the positive respond from TRA, I can start to count my experience points. That would make a big different as if I assume I get a full-time job immediately after I graduate (of course I need to get the visa 485 first, which lasts for 18 months for my occupation) and it takes approximately 1 year to finish the whole JRP. Therefore, by the time that I have the JRP certificate, I only have 1/2 year left to accumulate experience points, which is pointless anyway. On the other hand, if what my friend said is true, then by the time I almost finish my visa 485, I would accumulate almost 1.5 years of experience. I even heard somebody said that I only need to have my Certificate (Cert III or Cert IV in Commercial Cookery) and I can start to calculate the points from that moment I receive the certificate. I'm all ears now and looking forward to any advice Many thanks!!!