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  1. Jbms

    Citizenship application ( Import )

    Hi guys it’s approved in 2 days Thanks
  2. Hi Hope everyone doing well ! Does anyone know how can I import my newborn citizenship application in immi account. As he does not have any travel document and country of travel document. Applied his evidence of Australian citizenship. Thanks,
  3. Jbms


    Hi how long it took for your son to approve ? Thanks
  4. Jbms


    Hi guys got my golden email today. Still thinking I am dreaming Timeline Nomination and visa applied 4/4/2019 Nomination approved 26/6/2019 Visa application approved 10/7/2019 Good luck everyone and god bless all[emoji1317][emoji1317]
  5. Jbms

    186Trt visa

    Bro don’t take risk Company has to be in profit
  6. Jbms

    Visa approved

    Congratulations mate
  7. Jbms

    186 visa

    Depends has your CO asked for any Pte results yet ?
  8. Think speak to company accountant for annual report Good luck
  9. Jbms

    TSS 482 clarification required

    Most likely yes mate !!
  10. Jbms

    TSS applicants

    Hi guys can anyone help me .i am about to apply for tss but i I have 21 months experience in the field And my 457 visa is expiring soon . Can anyone tell me what's the solution I can do for it ?
  11. Jbms

    TSS applicants

    Hi mate have asked you for 2 years experience in the field ?
  12. Hi any good news ?? for those who got 457 for 1.5 years as cook was granted before April 2017 Pls help so much confused and don't know what's gonna happen later
  13. Hi can anyone help with 187 my wife got 6 In each yesterday and she is already working in regional restaurant for 1.5 year . Are we eligible for 187 rsms ? Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz