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  1. Londoner taking the plunge(!)

    Already explained. But a quite decent house? In Sydney in convenient location?
  2. Londoner taking the plunge(!)

    True enough. Only read posts above and assumed rental. Just shows the nonsense written when jumping in without adequate research. I'm not beyond that as above post clearly shows.
  3. Londoner taking the plunge(!)

    Even in Perth where rents are in decline the OP would be struggling to get something for $110 a week. Perhaps an over crowed student digs, with x number to a room? $125 would be around the cheapest here for anything like own room in a house in a half decent location. $150 is more the norm. Sydney or Melbourne would surely be more? Perhaps a short term house sit?
  4. Perths Rental Market

    Perth has a way to go yet. The question being just how far? Nobody can answer that. The economy is shot to pieces but still those in 'the industry' claim there's never been a better time to buy. Far too little challenges on the forces wanting to maintain the status quo..
  5. Bomb blast at Manchester Arena several dead.

    No word on the Portland (OR) nut job that cut the throats of two men over there that came to the aid of two Muslim women who were being abused. A third wounded. Very selective indeed in your feigned horror of attacks on innocents.
  6. UK's Migration Falls

    I suspect the arrogance of both leaders played off against one another brilliantly.
  7. Breaking News - 457 Visas Stopped

    A weak argument? Are you seriously challenging the findings DR Joanna Howe, Senior Lecturer in Law at Adelaide University then? ( Adelaide University rated 142 in world standards, too low a ranking for you?) What I wonder do you find disagreeable? Her critique being that foreign workers are being used in areas where there is no shortage. Describing the system as a shambles? I have a strong feeling most will certainly agree with that. Even migrant that are brought in and end up driving a taxi or bus. All arguments put over were certainly based on fact. I wasn't going to enter this debate anymore but did find your reply just a tiny bit patronising so felt obliged to respond.
  8. Breaking News - 457 Visas Stopped

    Yes it is that. There are far too many occupations on skills shortage list that could be filled by locals. The object being to keep a lid on wages, to which it has been very successful, (note stagnant pay increases in recent times) the real estate industry from going into steady decline and of course increasing GDP. (more people tend to do this) Not having proper labour testing, something I have been banging on about for ages, from direct experience, ensures the negatives above. The message remains hard to get out there with very influential forces maintain the rhetoric for high migration in all its forms.
  9. UK's Migration Falls

    May looked none too happy during Trumps speech to European leaders in Brussels the other day. Besides the divulging of classified material to media by American intelligence' of recent Manchester atrocities, I wonder if she has not come to the realisation that Britain is unlikely to get any' favours' from his administration. (post EU)
  10. Breaking News - 457 Visas Stopped

    What about quality 'education'? Fact being quality education is generally sought elsewhere. For reference Australia's top rated university comes in at 33 (Melbourne) Next (ANU) comes in at 47 and then both University of Queensland and Sydney share place number 60. Only two more are in the top 100. I am fully au fait with the corrupt practices around education in Australia, together with the rip offs involved as well as exploitation. It does appear you are not on the same page with regards to 457 and student visa. You really should include The People's Daily (China) on line as essential reading material to further ascertain what is happening in your industry. Kou Jie, wrote May 17 part of what follows. The 457Visa Scheme used to be a perk of studying in Australia. Its cancellation will definitely dampen enthusiasm for studies here (in Australia) according to Stacy Cul, a Chinese student majoring in accountancy at Melbourne University. Chinese citizens are the third largest national group utilising 457 visa behind India and UK. Cherry Pick? Just what part would you suggest as being untrue? Put to scrutiny? Come again. You have not responded to any of the evidence produced which included source. The fact being (yes I read AFR as well) and understand fully the whining that the very narrow adjustments to the system, a system being clearly Overused, if not abused (though I suspect both are true) by those with vested interests in the business of migration. Sadly it does appear all the major parties do.
  11. UK's Migration Falls

    Britain was aghast when France said 'non' to British entry under Charles De Gaulle as well. Turns out De Gaulle was quite right with his estimation that Britain would never make good Europeans.
  12. UK's Migration Falls

    Stood alone? Really the days of manning the barricades are long gone. In an interdependent world that globalisation has produced, but in reality has created trade blocks, being 'alone', is a most unsuitable option. The price will be substantial. I see nothing ahead at all to change my views on the lunacy most likely ahead. Amazing that some appear to think Britain's role may even be enhanced by departure. Very wishful thinking. Britain of course must have been hoping beyond reason that FN would take the reigns of power in France. Now that really would have likely thrown a spanner in the works. The new French government will be very pro EU and support a hard line. Britain will be sidelined and diminished. I suppose if that is what you mean yes, but hardly going to come out a victor from the mess. What can be hoped for is things won't come out as bad as expected.
  13. Immigrants forced in to Slavery

    There is a lot of documented abuse of foreign workers on 457's, Student Visa's and Backpackers. The system is too readily open to abuse and thank goodness to investigative programs like Four Corners for disclosing said abuse.
  14. Sydney Ranks 9th for expensive build costs

    Not forgetting judged second most over price/unaffordable after Hong Kong together with Vancouver.
  15. Sydney............ What a disappointment!!

    I agree. Melbourne would be a good place to start. I like the place. Preferred to Sydney until a recent few visits to the later now edging towards preferring Sydney, apart from the cost. I suppose having a few good friends there helps as well.