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  1. Brexit

    I don't recall writing this in answer to one of your posts. Others are not so up to speed on past UK political history , hence just a reminder of some of the reasons, hopefully riding of some preconceptions. Spin is not something I tend to use. I'm not a tabloid writer in any shape or form. I do follow events and give comment at the moment at turn of events. As such historical events can indeed play a part....
  2. Brexit

    I would certainly expect the human element to be the first consideration. Until the I's are dotted and t's crossed nothing from either side will make one iota of difference.
  3. Brexit

    Obviously. We are discussing the situation as is. That does not refer to End Game. A situation none of us can foresee. Doesn't mean politicians should be allowed a free run at creating further stuff ups though. A good deal will go on behind the scenes anyway.
  4. Brexit

    To be fair there is no agreement signed yet and forces within the Tory Party are not always receptive. No one can say if May will remain at the helm or not. Anti Euro feeling appears an issue as well with feeling whipped up by sections of media and political parties.
  5. Brexit

    A long oft used term in sections of UK press. Hardly offensive. You are the one that claimed it wouldn't bother you either way. Being in Australia, is of course a sound reason for it being less of a bother. Whether British migrants flock to the outer regions of Perth has nothing to do with me. About the furthest reason imaginable as to why I live in Perth. In fact a decisive negative in certain aspects, if give it much thought. The generation of the 70's did no such thing. As least as far as London goes, it was a far fairer, more interesting, cheap place in certain ways to live and have a load of fun.
  6. Brexit

    It appears if you were at all around that time passed you completely by. Are you aware why there were strikes. It was Labour's response to certain Union demands on pay increases and the reaction incurred that led to Thatcher getting in. UK was part of EEC in 70 actually. Which in turn had little bearing on the state of disarray occurring in Britain. Perhaps you could inform me why I wouldn't take a UK pension, if so entitled? You intend to discard your UK police pension? What an odd statement to make. Nothing wrong with UK. Rather like a lot of aspects, with that particular country. Just some of the people there and their insular view on life would nullify the better aspects for me personally .
  7. Brexit

    The diversity of Sydney has nothing to do with the ease most Englanders will have in Australia. A similar culture. Same language. No idea, nor care why you came to Australia. Just pointing out it is a 'soft option' to land it. Which doesn't mean by any stretch that all or even nearly all will find it plain sailing here. Actually have already been in Sydney twice this year.......
  8. Brexit

    What you know would and wouldn't affect me just points to further ignorance and assumptions on your part. It will as it happens affect me very much, from the look of things at the moment. It goes further than you but I realise that is an all too prevailing way to look at things. Yes even some self interest on my part but I am able to look at the bigger picture. Nothing to date at all suggests a 'smooth landing'.
  9. Brexit

    I suppose if house prices crashed you may be a tiny bit impacted. Rising interest rates could do that along with a falling economy. A typical example of all that is just a little insular on the English segment of the island I'm afraid. But then you fled to a land as similar as likely to find with established Englishness, if in decline.
  10. Brexit

    About the same value of your comments on the matter, I suspect. It wouldn't matter an iota if voted or not, as to give an informed opinion into the farcical nature of turn of events in UK. Yes that weekend back in 79 was ample time to realise wasn't a place wanted to be, you'll be further pleased to know.
  11. Brexit

    I think it was I that explained to you in the first place that historically, The Left, was against The union, largely for ideological reasons. Healy, Benn I gave as examples. What you don't appear to understand, is that it goes way beyond ideological reasoning now and to what is economically sustainable for the country.
  12. Moving to Australia from India, China and UK

    The numbers remain far too great. We simply do not need so many people. Australia remains close to the fastest growing developed world population growth.The housing market should find its own way, without the relying on high immigration.But love the diversity. But I fail to see why some countries are so far in front of the pack. (even taking into account huge population difference) Good to see growing communities from less established nations in the last census, from Brazil for example.
  13. Brexit

    All very sound comments.
  14. Brexit

    You really need to understand bad decisions that impact national interest, can and need to be changed. An end of parliament? What are you on about? Reversal and changes of direction are hardly unheard of. Especially in times unique as this when an ill thought out policy became unexpectedly official policy. The right cannot be allowed to dictate harmful policy to the nation without a full disclosure of consequences.
  15. Brexit

    Please attempt to contain your ignorance. For starters I lived in UK all of Thatchers reign . I suppose the population in part anyway, had some idea of the choice available as Labour had just come through a tough trot. I suppose one can wonder if democracy is really what it claims to be on the packet, when it can be so easily corrupted, manipulated and misrepresented.