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  1. I got an apartment in Parramatta. Don't really know much about most of the suburbs yet. Just went with what was available at the moment. Hotel was getting too expensive. So far Parramatta seems quite nice.
  2. Hello Pom Queen, found an apartment and moved in today😀
  3. Hi Pom Queen, thanks for following up. I'm still searching. Having submitted a few applications I'm hoping to hear back after the holidays. Also have a few more inspections lined up for tomorrow. So let's see how it goes Hope you're enjoying the holidays on your end!
  4. Thank you for the feedback Pom Queen. This is helpful
  5. Hi Everyone, Hope all is well. I have arrived in Sydney a few days back and living at a hotel. Trying to get an apartment asap. I'm very new to how apartment search works here. I did do about 5 inspections and applied 3 places. One of the agents is asking for a holding fee i.e 1 weeks rent. Is that a common practice? Also I am doing a job search right now, so that makes it a little tough to get an apt too. That's why I've applied for 3 places. Any feedback or tips on apt searching for newbies would be helpful.
  6. Thanks Collie for your feedback. I appreciate everyone's comments. Still have to secure a job first. It just been a few days since I arrived
  7. Hello Everyone Hope all is well. I just arrived in Sydney and it seems to be an awesome place. I was wondering if anyone could help with information on how to go about getting a credit card? I wanted to get one in case of an emergency.