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  1. mariner2017

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    Hi Kunal, As far as I understand, form 80 is a mandatory document to submit. There is a specific tab in the attachment page in the ImmiAccount to submit this form. Pls check in your ImmiAccount. Cheers!
  2. mariner2017

    489 Visa Gang

    Suggest to check “Actions” in your ImmiAccount home page & see if you need to submit medicals. Since you have applied after 1st July 2018, this action should be automatically there for you to complete...Cheers!
  3. mariner2017

    489 Visa Gang

    Have you completed Medicals?
  4. New Occupation list released toady (Mar 11), no movement of ship master, still in the ROL. No other maritime occupations are returned in the list.
  5. Hi Sevenseas, In my opinion, it is very difficult to secure a job in Australia while living in offshore location unless you are highly connected and extremely lucky. You probably need to move to Australia first ... Cheers!
  6. Generally, offshore job prospects are a bit bleak last couple of years or so...however, heard from people that it's being picking up presently. You may keep checking seek.com to get an idea... Cheers!
  7. mariner2017

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    In my case, I booked my medical when I saw that action.....cheers!
  8. mariner2017

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

  9. Hi Harsimran, Please go through these links - Cheers!! https://www.amsa.gov.au/forms/application-assessment-overseas-qualifications-purpose-migration-application https://www.migration.tas.gov.au/skilled_migrants/skilled_regional https://theterritory.com.au/migrate/migrate-to-work/northern-territory-government-visa-nomination/nt-migration-occupation-list
  10. mariner2017

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    Mid-year update to the Immigration SA occupation lists https://migration.sa.gov.au/skilled-migrants/mid-year-update-to-the-immigration-sa-occupation-lists
  11. mariner2017

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    You may try to check to get an idea of the grants and/or CO contact dates.....
  12. mariner2017

    Looking for a migration agent

    I got very high quality free advice from @wrussell which helped me a lot in my visa application.
  13. mariner2017

    489 Visa Gang

    This is my detail time lines: Occupation code : 231213 (Ships Master) Applicant: Offshore AMSA Skill Assessment Applied: 10 Oct 2016 AMSA approval to appear oral & medical exam in Australia: 26 Oct 2016 IELTS: 07 Jan 2017 L8.5, R 9.0, S7.0, W7.0 AMSA Oral exam & Medical cleared: 24 Mar 2017 (Melbourne) Skill Assessment positive: 31 Mar 2017 Occupation removed from SSTOL: 20 Apr 2017 PTE-A: 22 June 2017: 89 82 78 80 Occupation completely removed from SSTOL & MSTOL: 1st July 2017 Occupation back in ROL: 18 Mar 2018 Tasmania 489 state nomination applied: 24 July 2018 (Category 3B) Points claimed: 55 + 10 (SS) Tasmania 489 state nomination approved: 28 July 2018 489 Visa application submitted: 12 Aug 2018 CO Contact : 05 Dec 2018 for Form 80 (CO unable to open the ones submitted) & PCC 489 visa Grant : 15 Jan 2019 IED: 19 Aug 2019 1st Entry: Planned in early Feb 2019 Final entry: Possibly Jul-Aug 2019 Quite a long & challenging journey, hope that it will encourage others not to give up hopes....cheers!!
  14. Hi Capt Arun, For skill assessment, please go through AMSA website - https://www.amsa.gov.au/forms/application-assessment-overseas-qualifications-purpose-migration-application Pls also go through the 1st post of this thread, there are lots of materials including old questions. All the best!
  15. mariner2017

    489 Visa Gang

    Dear all, I have got my 489 grant on 15 Jan 2019. Wishing for a quick grant for everyone waiting.. Cheers!
  16. Dear all, I have received my 489 visa grant visa state nomination (Tasmania) in Ships Master occupation on 15 Jan 2019. Anyone from the group is in Tasmania currently or planning to move to Tasmania? Will be delighted to get connected. Cheers!
  17. Depends on your circumstances, if you are keen, it's a good idea to clear COR Orals and be ready to grab any opportunity. However, please keep in mind the monitory commitments required in the process...it does not come cheap!
  18. Ship's Master and Ship's Engineer occupations are included in the NT DAMA II http://newsroom.nt.gov.au/mediaRelease/28596 DAMA II Occupation list 1 Jan 2019.docx
  19. mariner2017

    Migration Agent

    You may contact@wrussell who posts in this forum regularly.
  20. mariner2017

    489 Visa Gang

    +1....Attached GSM Adelaide holidays..
  21. mariner2017

    Tasmania state nomination received

    Hi Kaleem, What is the status of your 489 visa application? Cheers!
  22. mariner2017

    Tasmania state nomination received

    anyone recently got nomination for 489 from Tasmania?
  23. mariner2017

    CO contact timeline

    Have you got the grant? Cheers!
  24. Anyone recently got grant through Ships Master occupation?