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  1. Remember the border.gov is good for general information but a registered migration agent will give you specialist knowledge and their job is to make sure you have strong chances of success. Immigration is not like the tax office where you can make a tax mistake and they slap you on the wrist and maybe give you a fine and let you try again. If you make a mistake once with immigration, they still take your money and then refuse your case. No second changes given. Using a migration agent reduces that risk as they are the ones trained and specialised in doing these applications countless times. MARA 1276291 bonnie@migrationvue.com.au
  2. Bonnie Thurecht

    Oz citizen but query on partner/child visas

    I am registered migration agent. I agree that the teacher pathway is very convaluted at the moment with many states stipulating migration with job offers before they will consider an invitation. While on the face of things the skilled visa looks cheaper, there is still a skills assessment, registration with the state board, proof of English and experience and the $3600 cost for the visa. Comparatively the partner visa is $6865 now in Immi fees but does not rely on the subjective nature of all these other third party entitities that take 3 months or more at each stage and at significant costs. The partner visa is purely based on your relationship with no proof of English or skills required. Certainly an easier more solid option that skilled migration for teachers at the present time.
  3. Bonnie Thurecht

    Visa medicals

    I agree. Best to wait until you lodge your visa application so that the HAP iD reference numbers are linked directly to your online application and there is no concern regarding the 12 month validity. Health costs here are around $280.
  4. Bonnie Thurecht

    Visa 143 and question ref form 47A

    Hello There, I am registered migration agent specialising in Australian migration law. Form 47A is only if your children are under 18 or dependent on you. Since this is not the case you do not need to fill in this form. You will however need your Australian based son to fill in the sponsor form for your application.
  5. Hello there, I would definitely recommend getting professional migration law advice. I am a registered migration adviser with MARA and offer a free initial consult. You will not be able to lodge another application such as a 190 onshore as you will not be able to meet Schedule 3 critieria for the visa as firstly you will not have extenuating cirucmstances warranting you applying outside the time limits. You can apply offshore however for the 190 if you are invited. This is the best option. Please feel free to contact me though for more specific advice. If you have this opportunity you don't want to waste it.
  6. Bonnie Thurecht

    190 - Unable to continue with application

    Hi Andy, I am a registered migration agent. DId this occur while you were in the middle of the 190 invitation reply. How many days do you have left on your 60 days to respond? Sometimes it can be a little thing like your passport has been renewed or replaced and immi doesn't know so online the application won't progress. Have you called Immi or sent an email to Immi account for help? They are very helpful on the immi account help desk. Hopefully it is something small but your 60 days response time to the invitation must be ticking along so I would imagine you would want to sort this quickly. Let me know If I can help if you haven't tried these things....