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    189 - Degree points claim

    Thank you Richard. Really appreciate your kind advice.
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    189 - Degree points claim

    Hi Richard, Thank you. Yes, my degree is fully accredited under IES --> https://www.ies.org.sg/pageview.php?page_id=110 My degree is from NTU-->> Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics engineering, graduated at Dec 2012. I also attached a document that sent to me by a friend who downloaded it from AEI NOOSR. So I am going to attach these two evidence if I get invited. Will the CO ask for any other document? Thank you. Best regards, Sonat. Section 1 - Well-established public and private universities.pdf
  3. Dear experts, I desperately need advice on the following. Not sure what to do. I have a Diploma in Electronics and followed by 8 years of experience as an Electronic Instrument trade worker. Also, I have completed a Bachelors of Electrical and Electrical engineering degree as part time. I received positive skills assessment for 8 years with diploma (I did not submit my degree details to TRA). But How do I claim for my degree without assessment? FYI, my degree is from NTU Singapore which comes under Institution of Engineers Singapore, that is a signatory of Washington accord. I got friend who commented that I should go for VETASSESS Point test advise service to claim my point. Another friend said I don’t have to do any assessment since my degree comes under accredited degrees. VETASSES PTAà https://www.vetassess.com.au/skills-assessment-for-migration/points-test-advice What should I do? Please advise. Yours faithfully, Sonat Paul.
  4. Hi All, I have a question about the connection between TRA/Engineers Australia and DIBP. Age: 30 points Education: Diploma in Electronics (full time)– 2007 BE. Electrical and Electronics (Part-time) – 2012 Experience: Electronic Technician – 2007-2011 – 4 years Electrical Technical Specialist - 2012- 2016 – 4 years (This is mixed job profile of Electronic/Electrical hands-on and Degree level job responsibilities) English: IELTS – 0 points I have TWO positive skilled assessment on the following: Electronic Instrument trade worker – 8 yeas (2007 -2016) Electrical engineer - 4 years (2012 – 2016) The CRITICAL AREA is that I have skilled assessment of Electronic Instrument trade worker and Electrical engineer for the same period of 2012 – 2016. I am not submitting any fake documents; it is just that my responsibilities are inclusive of Electrical equipment, electronic equipment, and hands-on activities & degree level responsibilities. I haven’t launched the EOI. My question is that is there any issue of submitting EOI as an Electronic Instrument trade worker since I already have a skilled assessment from Eng AU as an Electronic instrument trade worker? Is there any chance of rejecting my visa application? I will not submit any Eng Au paper when I get invited. Did Engineers Australia create any record at DIBP when I have completed my skill assessment with them? I will have 60 points if I can submit as an Electronic Instrument Technician. And how about TRA? Did they create any record at DIBP when I have completed my skilled assessment with them? Thank you in advance, Best regards, Sony