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  1. daveinoz

    Going Home and National Insurance

    Thanks for the feedback, but I can't see a more suitable spot for this query than here.
  2. daveinoz

    Going Home and National Insurance

    Thanks for the replies and the links guys, and sorry for not responding. I must fix my notifications! Due to my disability, my super is in my bank, but it's not a fortune. However, a move is "doable", as is 12 months rent in advance. That should help towards the habitual residency requirements I would think. Another question though. My partner and I have been together for 27 years, but we've not married. Will she be eligible to move as my spouse? I've been all over the relevant sites, but I'm getting a smidge confused.
  3. daveinoz

    Going Home and National Insurance

    I've just joined the forum, so hi everyone. I'm sure my circumstances aren't unique, although I've never heard the same story. I've been in Australia for 47 years. I was unwillingly "emigrated" by my parents when I was 11. There was no round-table discussion and no choice, and I didn't want to come. I understand why my parents chose to emigrate, but it's only as I've become older that I realise that I was traumatised by this (and probably need therapy ). Despite growing up here, living as an Australian and becoming naturalised, I've never felt a sense of belonging in Australia. I've always been an Englishman living in Australia. I've just come back from another trip home and am in post-holiday blues mode. Without sounding melodramatic, the need to go home is like a physical tugging in my gut. I've maintained my dual-citizenship, but I'm on disability. I know how hard it is to get approved (it took me 3 years here), and know the habitual residency rules. As I've never worked in the UK, I don't have a National Insurance number. Is it worth my while to get one and to start making contributions? Will that make any difference to eligibility for benefits, or am I better off to squirrel cash away than pay into NI? All help appreciated