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  1. Thank you very much to anyone who responds to my post. Your time and advice is appreciated.
  2. My fiancee is coming back to England again next month and we are flying to Australia (I've never been there before but am looking forward to the challenge of adapting) in March together.
  3. Hello, perhaps some of you fine people will be willing to offer advice on this problem for me... I'm an Englishman, late thirties, I met and fell for an Australian divorcee in England 3 years ago (although we never officially lived together). Her father has cancer, so, one year ago she flew back to Australia to stay. She had been in England for a long time and had settled here, married and had kids with another English guy. Anyway, I was talking to Agents about visa applications until she said don't bother, she had spoken to a member of staff at the Embassy in Sydney who told her this: We can apply for a spouse visa while I'm in Australia, all I need is to bring at least $1600 and show that I have been working and have no major character history or health issues. We can then get married later this year. Oh, and I could go into work soon after arriving for her brother's company. (Although I quibbled and doubted all this). Still with me? Cool. ? I'll get to the point, my fiancee said I won't be allowed to stay if the immigration customs border protection people (I'm not sure what to call them!) see that I have not been working regularly and have been moving from one job to another in 2017 (I had held jobs down for years prior to 2017) my trade is in Health and Social Care. It's not on the SOL list. I'm not a nurse or anything, just a support worker/healthcare assistant type of guy. So, my question is...Does every single person entering Australia get stopped and hassled if they come in with a one way ticket? Thanks for reading my long-winded post.
  4. Hi, me again, my Aussie girlfriend wants us to marry, we have no proof that we lived together (before she left England to look after her cancer stricken father) although a helpful moderator on here says registering our relationship in NSW will help us get around that. My vocation isn't on the SOL so a partner/marriage visa looks our best bet (I'm 38) and I've heard some people get their visa within a few months of applying, has anybody here had a partner/marriage visa granted in such a short space of time?
  5. Every good bit of advice brings me closer to my girl, and yours has been. Thanks Lever40
  6. I have looked closely at the DIPB website but it isn't clear to me.
  7. Also: Is there really any need to fork out thousands more for a migration agency? What is it they do that me and my girlfriend can't? I'm on a tight budget as it is...
  8. Hi I am quite new to the site and have never emigrated before. I am in (and from) England while she is now in Australia (her nationality by birth) and I wondered if I can apply for a partner visa when I go out there on holiday. I'm hoping I can get a bridging visa and work in the country while we wait and see what the decision is. Thank you to anyone willing to advise.
  9. SheldonMeldrew

    Skilled Migrant Visa 189 confusion

  10. SheldonMeldrew

    Skilled Migrant Visa 189 confusion

    Yes I did thank you, now I need to see about registering our relationship and getting a visa to allow me to be in Oz with my girlfriend until the partner visa is processed. Apparently it takes 15-23 months. (Why don't these buggers employ more staff so they can do it faster?! It's not like they don't charge enough money!)
  11. SheldonMeldrew

    Skilled Migrant Visa 189 confusion

    Thank you Mr Senise. It's heartening that there are people out there who take the time to type messages with good advice. Hats off.
  12. SheldonMeldrew

    Skilled Migrant Visa 189 confusion

    I was a bit surprised when the agent said my qualifications were enough. I won't be contacting Visa First again! Thanks for your input
  13. SheldonMeldrew

    Skilled Migrant Visa 189 confusion

    Hello to anyone reading this, I am an English, 38 year old man, in a bit of a muddle. I spoke to a registered migration agent over the phone last week about joining my Australian girlfriend who went back to NSW 3 months ago, to stay (one of her main reasons was her elderly father who was very ill) a partner visa seems unavailable because we have not lived together. We have been an item for 21 months. The agent said I should apply for a 189 because I have an NVQ2 in social care and have worked as a Support Worker on and off for nearly 4 years. He quoted me approximately $8790 for all the assessments and fees in total. I think if I applied without an agency I would save a lot of money so I told him I'll think it over. Then I learnt from the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection website that Family Support Workers are not on the skilled occupation list but on the CSOL instead. For which, as I'm sure most of you know, an approved company who cannot get enough local workers has to offer me a job. He never mentioned anything about needing a sponsor, and he said I only have 40 points and need to do an IELTS assessment to get 20 more?! I didn't think an IELTS assessment is worth that? I'm worried that my partner and I will just drift apart in the months to come and there isn't a visa I'm eligible for. If anyone can help I would be eternally grateful. Thank you for reading my ramblings!