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  1. Jen56johns

    What happens during PEQ in Melbourne? Can you fill me in...

    Thanks Pom Queen. SO no further status updates via their online system? I had thought they would use it to give more regular updates. Sigh... just impatient now to see him again. Thanks for replying!
  2. Hi, My dog arrived in Melbourne on Thursday night. We haven’t seen him for 4.5 months and he’s been staying with lovely friends who looked after him until her could travel. I got the notification from PEQ that he’d arrived and was settling in, but nothing since. Initial quarantine checks are supposed to take 48 hours. We’re past that time now but no status update. Can anyone shed some light on the experience at PEQ, how often you get updates, when you get notified to set up the check-out appointment etc? I’ve been googling madly but there’s no info out there that I can find. At the moment, I’m assuming that no news i good news as I was worried about him surviving the flight. He’s a fit dog, but I knew it would be stressful for him. After so long though, I can’t wait to see him and have the final piece in place to feel properly settled in Melbourne. Thanks to anyone who can share their insight. Jenni
  3. Hi! Just popping in too. We arrived in Melbourne on the 30th of May. Tried to get all the big things done before I started work - buying a car, sorting out Medicare etc. Some advice - make sure you do your research about what you need to take as evidence to set up your Medicare accounts. As I was the Australian, I needed evidence I had quit my job in the UK and was returning permanently. So I took my P60. Hubby just needed to show his visa. Get your joint bank account set up before you go into Medicare and take the letter from the bank with you. Go first thing in the morning or you could wait for hours. Also, if you have a child and intend on claiming family benefits or child care rebate, ask to get your Centrelink account set-up while you're in the same office or you'll end up going back again to prove your ID. That's the best bit of advice I can offer you all. And I can relate to Beffers. It took 4 weeks to the day after the ship arrived for us to receive our stuff. We were simply waiting for the quarantine period to pass and them the customs inspection! The ship arrived on time too. So glad to be here. We even took our boy up to the snow today. Who would have thought we'd have to take him to Oz to see his first snow!? Good luck to everyone. I hope your grants are speedy!
  4. Congrats Tina and Beffers! I've been popping back in every now and then to see how everyone was getting on. We are currently in Antigua to celebrate my hubby's 40th. Our stuff got shipped the day before we left and we fly out to Melbourne on the 29th of May. We've got an airbnb booked for a month while we look for rental accommodation and I start my new job on June 5, so it's all coming together well I think. Just need to sell the cars. Good luck to everyone on settling into Australia and starting an exciting new adventure. xxx
  5. Ha! I knew it would be soon after you uploaded the AFP clearance! Congrats! I know how you euphoric it feels and the relief of knowing a very crucial aspect is in place to start your life in Australia. Good luck with your emigration! I hope life in Australia is all that you dream it to be.
  6. Zippy, they will know. I guess their system alerts them when a request is complete or something, but when I was asked to add my citizenship cert my CO said something about seeing the link appear and then she would grant the visa. Shame it didn't arrive yesterday or you might have had your visa today! Fingers crossed for next week.
  7. Jen56johns

    Certifying documents

    There's a whole raft of people who can certify documents. One of my friends is a pharmacist and she did all of mine for me. According to the migration booklet: You should provide ‘certified copies’ of original documents. ‘Certified copies’ are copies authorised, or stamped as being true copies of originals, by a person or agency recognised by the law of the country in which you currently reside. All of ces of the department outside Australia have a person who can certify or witness documents and statutory declarations if necessary (this service may attract a charge). For certification in Australia, see the indicative list of persons on the next page under ‘Who can witness statutory declarations and/or form 888’. So as you reside in the UK, you can use their guidelines for who can certify a document. https://www.gov.uk/certifying-a-document This provides you with a better range of people you might have more contact with and won't charge you for doing this. Your financial accountant at work, for example. Or your child's teacher? I have my visa granted so can assure you this worked for me. Good luck and don't stress!
  8. We are, thanks! Weird thing is it went from application received to application finalised. Just when you're convinced nothing is happening... So glad we frontloaded. I can only guess at why it was so quick - I suspect it's because we travel to Australia every year and my husband has 10 years' of evisitor visas on the system. But who knows? The relief of everything just falling into place only reinforces my feeling that this move is meant to be! We are going to Melbourne too. My new job is on St Kilda Rd so we're looking at south eastern suburbs. Good luck to everyone. I hope your visas come through soon.
  9. We submitted on the 25th of Feb 2017. That's 5.5 weeks!
  10. They're through! K (my CO) was true to her word and the grant letters came through within 30 minutes of uploading my certificate. OMG!!!!!
  11. OMG! I just got a call from the High Commission, they asked me to upload my British Citizenship certificate and then assured me they would issue my husband's 309 and 100 this afternoon! Check out my dates! This is super quick! We are ecstatic!
  12. Hi. We considered the same thing as I have a job to go to in Oz and thought it might be better if husband went in on a tourist visa and then applied and also got a bridging visa. We decided against it because it takes much longer for applications in Australia and it's not recommended as they can be touchy about you entering on a tourist visa if they suspect your real reason for going is something else. We rang and spoke to the advisory line and got this advice. But people do it and it does work for them. You can absolutely do this without a migration agent. the migration handbook is pretty detailed https://www.border.gov.au/Forms/Documents/1127.pdf. Read it a few times and start making a list of the evidence you have and need, who you will get statements from etc etc. But Snifter's question is key. Are you a defacto couple? If not, then this visa is not for you. Good luck!
  13. Unzippy, I received my AFP clearance today so you might want to chase yours. I think the fact that you haven't received a postage confirmation email means it hasn't been processed yet.