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  1. Can I assume that you are onshore in Australia that you believe this a good idea! Changing laws is not a quick process, and why would the government make certain visa holders/applicants in Australia more favourable than those offshore!! Every government worldwide is affected by Covid19, not just Australia. What we should be doing is washing hands regularly and doing our bit to keep Covid19 at bay. We all want our Visas, and we have all being waiting patiently to move forward, so let’s continue to be patient and do our bit to combat Covid19.
  2. No surprise that applications are on hold, health and welfare of all regardless of which country we are in has to be paramount just now.
  3. AOS Acceptance Letter received 19 March 2020 - Another step forward
  4. Also slightly confused - surely it is your parents that have to provide evidence for the Parent Visa 143, and not the child (in your case dependent adult) I did not realise that immigration/centerlink contacted all dependent adults directly. Maybe Others on this forum with dependent adults could assist/provide some useful information for you / or your parents
  5. How much longer will you be studying for? I can assume when you say you have no intention of getting a job, that is during your continued education!!
  6. Can someone give me the number for the AOS office in Tasmania please
  7. AOS approved? Did you get something from centerlink? My son lodged AOS in Feb and has heard nothing - should I be concerned?
  8. I agree it’s strange that @MELBNGSM parents were not asked to complete Form 80. My husband and I had to complete this form - we have three children, all in Australia- two are citizens and one is PR (who is married to an Australian). Will be interested to see if you receive you PR by your estimate of mid-April.
  9. Wow @KittyMB , congratulations on getting your 2nd Vac payment request, your paperwork has gone through exceptionally fast, my husband and I applied just under two weeks after your date - so I am hoping we will hear soon - AOS bank guarantee paid and our son has uploaded paperwork to his MyGov account.
  10. AOS Bank Guarantee lodged at Commonwealth Bank 28 February 2020 - the 1st notification my son received only had main applicant, not both parents - after phoning centerlink, submitting a letter it was sorted within days - now both parents are including on AOS - delighted another step forward
  11. Don’t believe all you see online - I doubt very much anyone who applied in July 2019 getting granted a parent visa
  12. Hi - Can anyone help - Trying to fill in Form 80 (nightmare) Part H - Proposed Travel or further stay - Q21 - Are you currently in Australia - NO Q22 - Proposed Travel - We have nothing booked for going to Australia this year so - do I just state - NO TRAVEL PROPOSED Q23 - Travel Dates for your journey - Easy - answer NO Q24 - Are you applying for a Temporary Visa - NO (Go to Part I) Part I - Addresses in Australia Q30 - Are you located outside Australia - YES Q31- Do you know the details of the places you will stay during your time in Australia - THIS IS WHERE I AM NOT SURE WHAT TO PUT IT - does this refer to when we go to Australia for our next holiday / where we plan to stay if we get Visa - HELP
  13. Thanks Flangela100 , that information re CRN would have been handy to know, my son could have done this well in advance of getting notice for addition information / AOS support
  14. My son has been told he needs to go in person to Centerlink to get CRN -you need to get identity checked - this is causing his timeline to be tight as he is working offshore just now - at least we have moved on from just waiting unable to do anything - now waiting for police checks to come back ,have booked medical s, working of Form 80 , we are thankful we have moved onto this stage
  15. Can you tell me if the Centerlink Office provide the Customer Reference Number when you go to the office, or does it take a few days? My son is currently offshore and will be another 3 weeks before he is back onshore, which does not allow a lot of time to get AOS done within the 28 days. Although he has all the information already, he just needs the CRN number. So frustrating