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  1. safarichick

    28M USA to AUS (Military Lateral Transfer)

    We came over on the Lateral Transfer Scheme back in 2017. My husband was in the British Army. There is a Facebook page for Laterals moving over https://www.facebook.com/groups/112038224332 You'll need to answer a few questions to join as as it's a private group and then you'll get all the info you'll need
  2. safarichick

    Partner enter Australia on 309 Visa without me?

    She had a rocky start settling in. She was missing her UK friends plus got chatting to a boy before we left and he was feeding her all sorts. A few months after moving she changed schools due to some bullying which knocked her confidence. Fast forward 2 years, she graduates this week gaining her QCE, passed her driving test 3 months ago and is totally loved up for over a year with the boyfriend. She has a part time in a cafe and is just waiting to hear if she's been successful in a traineeship with the Council. I know a few older teenagers who moved back to the UK after only a couple of months of being here due to leaving a boyfriend behind in the UK that they had only recently met, so make sure he does not get a girlfriend before you leave, a game changer!!!!!
  3. safarichick

    Partner enter Australia on 309 Visa without me?

    We moved over Oct 2017. My youngest daughter turned 16 end of Aug 17 having just finished her GCSEs. We are in QLD and put her into Y10 for a couple of months then in Jan 2018 she started Y11 to do her QCE. With the new ATAR system it is a 2 year course so your timeline for your son sounds good.
  4. safarichick

    Military Service - Demonstration of Service

    Hi Daryn, my husband was military, we came over as part of the lateral transfer scheme on a 186. Timeline - Pressed the magic button Oct 16, applied for visas Dec 16, granted Apr 17, arrived in Oz Oct 17. We provided proof of signing off and when his last day in the British Army would be. He also obtained a printout of service from JPA. For us it may have been easier as he had a contract from ADF to upload as well.
  5. safarichick

    How does my plan look?

    Rosslea, on the golf course. Idalia got a battering also. How kind of your son to go and help others, even though he got caught up in it. Hope he was able to claim on insurance for his car. That night the dam gates open was horrendous, it was like a Tsunami effect. Our house would have just escaped with water in the garage I reckon if the gates hadn't been opened fully but hey ho after 4.5 stressful wait for insurance to finally settle on my builder's quote instead of the ridiculous quote the insurance builder put in, my house should be ready to move back into early October.
  6. safarichick

    How does my plan look?

    Welcome to Townsville, we've been here nearly two years. We did bring our BMW over, cost us in the region of $8k then just over a year later part of Townsville flooded and along with our house, we lost two cars. If you buy private, please do your checks to make sure it has no finance on it etc and also look at getting contents insurance as soon as you have a house as you'll be arriving at the start of the wet season. A few people I know got caught out in the floods where they had no insurance and lost a lot. If you need any help, message away
  7. safarichick

    How do I bring my Daughter with me?

    The family who moved over Oct 2018, their daughter was 20 at the time of visa application, living at home but working part time. Unfortunately I'm no longer in contact with the other family as they moved back to the UK after only being in Australia for 2 months. What I do know is that they were 21 and 25 at time of visa application and both worked full time and lived at home. In fact the older one had previously been in the military.
  8. safarichick

    How do I bring my Daughter with me?

    When we applied for our 186 PR visa, my daughter was 19. She worked part time and attended college and lived at home. We just had to list what we provided for her, like food, board etc. I have friends who moved over to Oz around same time as me 2017 and 2018 whose adult children (the oldest being 25) all in full time work but living at home came with them. All of them on a 186 visa
  9. safarichick

    Visa help for children

    There's no logic at times. My brother is desperate to join me but his choices are really limited as he is 50. Was considering the student route and did get an offer to study regional where I live but the fees are way too expensive. Looked at last remaining relative visa, but his wife has family from where she is from. Possible only route which would only be 2 to 4 years is the temp sponsor visa.
  10. safarichick

    Visa help for children

    The family who came over in 2017 was granted Aug 2017 and the family who came over a few months ago their visa was granted Jun 18. I understand it changes all the time so the OP does need to get advice from a migration agent but at least there may be a glimmer of hope that her children can come on her visa
  11. safarichick

    Visa help for children

    The family were from the UK, another family who I know arrived Oct 18 from the UK with their 21 year old daughter who worked but lived at home
  12. safarichick

    Visa help for children

    I know of a family who came over to Australia end of 2017, their 21 and 25 year old came with them on their PR visa and both were working but lived at home. You just have to prove they are still dependant on you. When we came over end of 2017 my then 19 year old daughter was a student but also working part time. She lived at home with us and we had to fill out a seperate form to upload to immi account and give a break down on what we provided for her although we didn't have to upload any evidence. Good luck
  13. safarichick

    Townsville suburbs for families?

    Hi Kitty, we are living in Townsville, if you want to be close to the hospital and city, then look at Annanadale, Idalia, Douglas, Rosslea. All good suburbs. Another just off the A1 is Bohle Plains. I would avoid Kelso, Rasmussen, parts of Kirwan, Currajong, Vincent all have high crime.
  14. safarichick

    Birth certificate different name

    I had this problem when I applied for a full birth certificate and realised my middle name was never registered. All my current ID, like driving licence passport, marriage certificate etc show my middle name. I got my middle name officially added through one of those deed poll websites and uploaded the certificate to my immi account. Case officer didn't come back asking for more information and visas were granted a few months later.
  15. safarichick

    186 Agreement Stream

    Hi All, We've applied under the Agreement Stream. Nomination was granted in Nov 16 and Visa submitted Dec 16. All documents uploaded including Police Checks and Medicals. Still showing as received. We are due to move over in October as that's when my husband starts his job. I haven't seen many post on here that are going through the Agreement Stream, is there any?