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  1. mudcrab

    820 to 801 extra info ?

    Thanks for replying. Ok already doing that so looks like nothing extra then.
  2. Anyone who has been there done that. Is the transition from 820 to 801 seamless or are there more hoops to jump through, more docs to produce, after obtaining the 820? Thanks.
  3. Just wondering if marriage speeds things up at all ? We are in a Queensland civil partnership already. My 820 application went in November 2018 and waiting. We have been together 2 and a half years. Any thoughts please.
  4. mudcrab

    820 timelines / waiting room

    Applied for 820 last November 2018. Waiting. Understand from gov site, as at August 2019, 75 percent of applications approved by 22 months so guess it's a long wait.
  5. Oh that makes sense to me. I think you have hit the nail on the head. That would explain my visa agent comments. Also when I went to Centrelink to enquire whether I was eligible for the medicare card or not, I remember someone saying something about UK reciprocal which I didn't understand. Thanks very much for your thoughts.
  6. Many thanks. I am actually retired in my 60s and my saved investment income is OK but erratic ( not yet old enough for the UK state pension since they moved the goalposts) so I cannot say what my income will be in the future. My partner has good income currently (still working). Unlikely we would go over that threshold but you never know in life. That lotto ticket might come up! Reading all the above (thanks everyone) I think I will consider taking a basic or basic plus insurance if my income allows. I can always stop it in the future I guess if finances take a downturn..... or up the cover if income goes up
  7. Thanks. So it makes no difference what visa I am on ?
  8. Thank Loopylu. That seems to suggest that the letter I have received from Dept of Health is an error ?
  9. I am on a Bridging visa and applied for 820 partner visa last November 2018. I applied for Medicare card just after this and received a temporary blue card. In May 2019 I received a government letter explaining about the Lifetime Health cover loading and that, should I decide to take private health insurance, should do so before November 2019. My visa agent says it is not a requirement of the 820 visa to get private medical insurance but suggested, if I wanted, could take out standard visitor cover. (Yes I will go back and get clarification) I am just getting rather confused as several people have said they thought that I should not be eligible yet to be taking medical insurance and why had the government sent me this letter now? Even one insurance company is querying. Can anyone give me chapter and verse as to whether the above seems correct. thanks.
  10. mudcrab

    convert uk license to QLD

    I recently got a Queensland driving licence with an out-of-date UK driving licence photocard. I am on a Bridging Visa so technically temporary (although ATO thinks I am permanent for tax purposes ) At Cairns Transport I explained that the old part of my UK driving licence (the old green bit) was still valid and says so. But my photocard is out of date since I cannot renew it as I don't have a UK address. The lady at the counter checked her system and could find nothing to say whether this was OK or not. She was sympathetic and went and discussed with her manager and he/she said it was OK to change to Queensland licence. I would suggest going with your old green driving licence and asking them nicely.
  11. Sorry to gatecrash this thread, but does this criteria apply to ALL bridging visas? I am getting totally confused. I applied for a 820 partner visa last November 2018 and got a bridging visa which I am now on. I went to Centrelink just after this and they said I could have a Medicare card (temporary blue one) which I now have. And I now have a letter from the Government urging me to buy Private Health Insurance to avoid Lifetime Health Cover and to do this before November. But on a Bridging visa how is this possible? Has Government got it wrong?
  12. That sounds more positive doesn't it. I guess I will assume that it is recognised. Many thanks.
  13. Many thanks. That seemed like good advice so I contacted the Home Office online. They responded with.... they cannot advise and referred me to some same-sex website which is not relevant. We are not a same-sex couple. I replied back to them but the email got blocked saying "case closed". Really helpful eh ?