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  1. Thanks welderguy5 for your reply. Hope your pr is granted very soon. I m very much worried for my future.
  2. Hi David08. Thanks for replying. As he doesn't want me to come. And if this gets to a negative response from AAt then he will not support me any further I m sure. I just want to know my options. Can anyone please help.
  3. Hi everyone. I hope you all are safe in this pandemic. Nomination+visa applied Feb 2017 Nomination refused sep 2018 Visa refused Oct 2018 AAt appeal nomination sep 2018 Visa Oct 2018 Since then till date heard nothing from AAt or employer. He refuses to get me on work until visa is granted. Refusal reason genuine need of position. My employer sounds a bit grumpy now a days and I m afraid he will withdraw my appeal. I want to ask you guys. As I have no idea regarding all this. If he withdraws what will happen next? I have section 48. I m on bvc. Please pray for my visa to be granted. Thanks.
  4. Sharma

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Yes direct entry. Cafe and Restuarant manager.
  5. Sharma

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi guys. I have been following this group since 2016. I dont have any good news but heaps of bad news. I have applied for rsms in feb 2017. They send me nomination refusal yesterday. Very upsetting. My employer wants to do appeal Aat. As they stated that there no genuine need of position. I m not sure whats going to come up. I will keep you guys updated. Thanks.
  6. Sharma

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi Everyone, I m new here. could anyone please help me out on this? I have currently applied for 187. As my previous 187 visa nomination got refused we had to withdraw my visa application hence now I m on bridging visa C, my employer was taking way too long to get RCB done so I requested my MA to apply for my 187 visa as I don’t wanted to stay illegal. Where as he still says tomorrow on everyday. therefore I started searching for anyone who could sponsor me. My new employer was in really very hurry to appoint me so even agree to sponsor he also got the RCB and also applied for my nomination. As for now my current status is bridging visa C for the other employers sponsorship, so can I switch to new nomination on same visa application or I need to apply new visa or if I apply new visa what visa status I will be on then? Please reply me. Thanks.