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  1. joeh99

    Teacher - State Registration

    Hi Sarah, It's the non-practising registration that we need. It seems very confusing and expensive, just like the AITSL skills assessment!
  2. joeh99

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    Hi All, I have just posted a new topic regarding state registation for teachers. For those who have completed or in the process of registering, please can you take alook and let me know if you have an answer. Thankyou!
  3. Hi All, Having recieved my 189 Visa grant on Monday, I am in the process of registering as a teacher with TRBWA. You are required to submit a UK police check with the application. This can be obtained through fit2work, an external body appointed by the WA government to carry out international checks. I would like to know if anyone has gained their registeration by simply submitting their UK police check which would have been obtained as part of the visa process? It seems it is not compulsory to use this fit2work (as per below text taken from the TRBWA website); however, I am unsure whether the police check done for immigration purposes is suffice. Any advice welcome! Thankyou. Overseas criminal record checks obtained directly from the country If you have already obtained or commenced the process of obtaining an OCRC directly from the relevant authority in the country you resided in, it will be accepted by the TRBWA provided that it: is received by 30 November 2017 is the correct check/document, issued by the correct agency/authority in the relevant country (see the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website for information) was issued within the last 12 months includes all the names by which you have been known in that country covers the entire time you resided in that country from the age of 18 is accompanied by an English translation, completed by an authorised translator (if the OCRC is in a language other than English) is properly certified by an authorised witness
  4. joeh99

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    Thanks alot mate. Yeah, I have recently been so frustrated and anxious; however, that has all gone now!! No, I waiting until the CO contacted me and requested them; however, I got CO contact within about two weeks of lodging the visa. Then I got my meds/PCCs done pretty much ASAP. The date of last entry is March 2022. It really is entirely upto you whether to get them done now or wait until they are requested. Pros and Cons to both. If you get them done now, there is every posibility you get a direct grant; however, if your time conscience (as you have to make an initial visa within a year or meds/PCCs), I would wait until CO requests.
  5. joeh99

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    Cheers mate - 167 days since I lodged the visa application!
  6. joeh99

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    My friends - I am sure I am one of many today but just to let you know I finally got my VISA GRANT today! I cried for about 10 minutes and cannot stop shaking. In a complete state of shock!! Good luck to everyone still waiting - I will still be a regular user of this site for advice. God Bless!
  7. joeh99

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    At least you know someone who is also in the same boat. Did your CO request PCCs/Medicals? If so, when did you submit them?
  8. joeh99

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    I've been waiting since 20/03/17. Sick and down due to the wait. I'm a single, 30 year old British secondary school teacher. I am seeing grants for visas all around my submission date on a 'shall not be named' tracker. I'd be keen to know if anyone is in a similar position.
  9. joeh99

    190 Visas Lodged - March/April 2017 batch

    Awesome news, @Yikes2017 - I had to chuckle to myself when I saw your previous post that you wrote a few hours earlier. The feeling must incredible! Congratulations!!! I've been waiting for my 189 visa since 20/03! All the very best!!
  10. joeh99

    Processing times increased AGAIN

    This actually made me feel sick... My 189 visa application was lodged 20/03. I'm a 30 year old, Single, British, Secondary school teacher with no criminal convictions etc. Yet i'm seeing a number of people who are getting grants within a few weeks of lodgement. Makes no sense....
  11. joeh99

    189 visa processing times increased

    pm79 is a GP for those wondering.
  12. joeh99

    189 visa processing times increased

    Awesome news @pm79 ! Congratulations!
  13. joeh99

    189 visa processing times increased

    I think the biggest problem is that life literally goes on hold. Nothing major can be planned! I have just met a girl and after 3-4 dates, things are going well. However, without knowing about the visa, I am unsure what to do! Its so frustrating...
  14. joeh99

    189 visa processing times increased

    I am claiming no points for work experience either. My case couldn't be any simplier. I have visited/worked in Australia previously on a WHV; however, that is it.
  15. joeh99

    189 visa processing times increased

    I am a 30 y/o single applicant, secondary school teacher with a clean police record and passed the medical fine. I thought my application would have been finalised quickly...i've been waiting since 20th March...