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  1. SoniaG

    Getting enough points

    Hello Brian, I sat IELTS the first time and missed by 0.5 in the writing section. So i thought of giving PTE a shot and i scored 87 which gave me the 20 points. So i would suggest you do a thorough research on this and decide which test to sit. I think the below link can also help you. https://www.pomsinoz.com/topic/171260-ielts-vs-pearson-test-of-english-academic-pte-academic-my-personal-findings/ All the best with your exam and application. Sonia
  2. SoniaG

    Watched pot never boils!

    Yay!! Congrats! All the wait was worth it yeah? The feeling after the grant is amazing. :) By when do you have to make the first entry?
  3. SoniaG

    Contributory Parent visa 143

    Congrats on your visa grant! Could you please let me know how much did the whole thing cost you? Thank you.
  4. SoniaG

    Things to be done on visa validation entry

    Thank you very much for your response.
  5. Hello, I got my 189 visa granted in Oct 2018. I plan to enter Australia in April 2019 to validate my visa. I intend to be there just for a month and return back to my country of residence. I plan to make the permanent move only by the end of this year or early next year. My question here is, what are the mandatory things i have to get done during my validation trip? My agent advised to open up a bank account but i read an article advising the following (Word of caution: If you are on a visa validation trip, please refrain from applying for Medicare card, TFN number and Centrelink.) Can anyone please advise what has to be done in my case. Thank you. Regards, Sonia George
  6. SoniaG

    189 CO Requested Medicals & Police Checks

    I front loaded everything and ended up getting my direct grant in under 4 months. I know many ppl say here not to front load everything but i really did not want to wait for the CO to tell me what was already expected from me.
  7. SoniaG

    Watched pot never boils!

    Thank you ! Hang in there.You will get yours soon.
  8. SoniaG

    Watched pot never boils!

    Hey ! I got my direct grant today ! So freaking relieved!! :) Am wishing the same for you !
  9. SoniaG

    Watched pot never boils!

    Yeah.. am getting impatient too. Good luck to you too! Please update on here if you hear something! :)
  10. SoniaG

    Watched pot never boils!

    Haha i thought i was the only one. I have submitted for the 189 visa in July 2018 and am seeing few July applicants getting grants and CO contacts. What visa have you applied for? Yes, i have to agree about the process being slow for the past couple of weeks. Its just making me more anxious and nervous.
  11. SoniaG

    Can you recommend any books for PTE test?

    Hello, I failed my IELTS too and gave PTE a shot. I prepared for this completely from the below website. They have a Youtube channel too and practice exercises for all kinds of questions. I got 87 overall score which gave me the superior English score. https://www.e2language.com/ Hope this helps. Be calm for the exam as every second counts and u need to be mentally present for this. Good Luck!
  12. SoniaG

    189 visa grant applied in October 2017

    Thanks and Good Luck to you too! Yeah am seeing a lot of direct grants and am hoping to get the same. Fingers crossed!
  13. SoniaG

    189 visa grant applied in October 2017

    Did your friends also have 65 points or was it more? I am not sure, but am reading a lot of comments about applications with higher points given preference. Don't lose hope. Hang in there.
  14. SoniaG

    189 visa grant applied in October 2017

    I applied this year July for 189 as well with 75 points for Analyst programmer. Did you front load all the documents? What was the CO contact for?
  15. SoniaG

    189 visa grant applied in October 2017

    Hi Jes, Can i ask how many points did you claim and for which code did you apply?