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  1. Sunset

    What's your favourite soup?

    tastes terrible that stuff no matter whats done to it it tastes like vomit.
  2. warners using that disc jockey bird has his PA?
  3. Sunset

    Cyber bullying Have Your Say

    H@#$y H@%$# for one she was a right cow
  4. Posted that ******* quick didnt you lol.
  5. Time for me to move on I think this place is like a merry go round same old shit day in day out, besides I have a new job to start next week and it will be taking me away from these shores for a while (thanks to a certain member here ) and I have no intent on using valuable bandwidth up over seas looking in on ckook stories or the like, thanks for the ride but its boring now. Obvious to many before me and no doubt many more after know just how one sided this place can be at times. TO THE POWERS THAT BE CLOSE THIS ACCOUNT - LOCK IT AND THROW AWAY THE KEY .
  6. Sunset

    what are you doing right now?

    Depends on the provider you go with, most round here use iinet no real issues and we are semi rural. A lot of people migrated from the other BIG companies as they went backwards or is it greedier?
  7. NASA have that technology as well?
  8. And electricity with lights and everything. . .honest
  9. Sunset

    Space Station could fall on earth this week

    The thin ends a good start ?
  10. So we did get to the moon then ?
  11. Sunset

    Cyber bullying Have Your Say

    Our youngest was attacked by a school bully last week stabbed in the arm with a pencil told that the child has behavior issues at times. If it was daughter doing the stabbing I bet she would be now off longer than easter break ?
  12. Sunset

    Is Labour Finished?

    Hopefully ?
  13. Sunset

    What's your favourite soup?

    Some people just prefer the haste free meals mate each to there own I eat what takes my fancy ?????????????
  14. One of the best places in Europe mate enjoy ?
  15. Sunset

    what are you doing right now?

    @simmo chin up mate.