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  1. MHJ

    General Moving back advice

    We've just made the move back after 8 years. Our little one is not school age yet so can't help with that sort of thing but my best piece of advice would be, if you know where you're going to be staying (even if it's just with family temporarily) try to get a few things with an address on. We had to show proof of address to register with a GP and various other things. If your UK driving licence isn't current try to sort that before you return (I found the people at the DVLA really helpful when I called) as many insurance companies will charge you a lot more, or refuse to insure you on an Aus licence (this doesn't apply to hiring a car). These sorts of things just make things quicker and less frustrating when you're already busy & jet lagged! We're currently trying to rent a house which is proving problematic without proof of income...good luck!
  2. MHJ

    Does anyone know Worcester?

    Thanks so much everyone, that's really helpful.
  3. Hello, We are making the move back to the UK soon & will be based in Worcester. We do not know the area well & would appreciate it if anyone could advise on nice areas to live in / around Worcester (or areas to avoid!). Thanks in advance.
  4. MHJ

    Advice appreciated

    Did you have a permanent address when you registered? We have a temporary rental booked for the first month while we look for longer-term rental. It seems GP surgeries need proof of address before you can register. To add to the 100 things to do I have recently found I am pregnant & we have a one year old so I don't want us to be without a doctor!
  5. We are moving back to the UK next month. I am keen to register with a GP as soon as possible as I am pregnant & we have a little boy. We have booked temporary accommodation for the first month, we are hoping to find a longer-term rental following this. It seems that you have to provide proof of address e.g utility bill to register with a GP surgery & I don't want to go a month or more without access to a doctor. Has anyone had any experience of this situation or have any advice? Thank you!
  6. MHJ

    Advice appreciated

    Thanks both for your replies.
  7. MHJ

    Advice appreciated

    Myself, husband and toddler are making the move back to the UK after 8 years in Aus. We are planning to ship most of our belongings but are wondering about options for transporting things that we need sooner. Has anyone used the excess baggage companies or similar to fly essentials back? Also has anyone had success in securing a UK rental property while still in Aus? Our son was born here but has a UK passport. Will we all be able to register with a GP or is there anything we need to do beforehand? So many things to think about so any advice on anything I haven't mentioned is also gratefully received! Thank you!