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  1. 187 Visa Processing Time

    I am in the same boat as you, except that i applied my file on nov 16. Sorry not sorry but i dont have any success stories neither inspiration for you as i am dead inside waiting for my file to get granted let alone being allocated by case officer haaahhh
  2. 187 Visa Processing Time

    It's so quiet today . is there none of the news coming from immigration so far for anyone in here? i have been waiting since mid november 2016, nsw cook, with no update from immigration or agent. Have anyone prepare a plan B here? like 189/190 visa, if so i just had a question will 60points would be suffice to apply the visa? Thanks
  3. 187 Visa Processing Time

    Thanks for the advice. I have been decided to wait until i got my residence. Goodluck with the future my man!
  4. 187 Visa Processing Time

    Thanks for your response Hakan! I am able to get and renew my phone loan at the moment because i was coming from student visa. I guess it will be hard as i got declined from one of the bank. Anyway thanks for the advice and hopefully we get our bright day soon!
  5. 187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi guys, i am on bridging visa applying RSMS 187 and it has been 14 months now, aside of that i am just wondering did any of you guys able to apply for a credit card? i have been a customer with commonwealth bank for 3 years but got declined as i am on bridging visa and therefore i need to wait until i got my resident. I need the credit card score to get a good rating to be able to apply for a mortgage asap after i got my resident. I am willing to shop around thru all the bank, but i am just trying to save the hassle if any of you guys have any information to share. Thanks and have a good weekend all.
  6. 187 Visa Processing Time

    My nomination got approved in nov 2016.i applied my visa 3 jan 2017 and today i completed 12 months ...still waiting Hi Ropar, would you mind to share which state you are? And where you on low risk or high risk country? I am sponsored as cook, nsw mid november 2017, hasnt hear anything from my migration agent yet still said application receive without any further update. Thanks.
  7. 187 Visa Processing Time

    Ah, it has nothing to do with the application. I wouldnt call them as what i heard they wont help anything at all. Mine has been 11.5 months but didnt hear anything at all! Its so insane!
  8. 187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi mate, do you know what does received means? Is that mean it has been allocated? Thanks
  9. Hi there, long story short i have been looking for child care agency in NSW area that could help to find a job and assisting in visa application for RSMS but if there is any good agency located outside of NSW i am more than happy to travel to the office. I would like to ask for help to recommend any child care agency that could help me in my situation, any information would be helpful and i would like to say thanks in advance. Thanks. Regards, Alexander