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  1. acc0101

    Eligible Sponsor for Partner Visa??

    i would have to do.
  2. acc0101

    Eligible Sponsor for Partner Visa??

    Her 309 visa was processed 4 years ago. 100 was processed in 2016. and i met her in March 2017. Her 100 granted on March, 2018. Is that mean a dependent child (she is 25 now), CANNOT be married or being defacto when they are in AUS during 4 years waiting time ?!?!???
  3. acc0101

    Eligible Sponsor for Partner Visa??

    if it's no conflict........
  4. acc0101

    Eligible Sponsor for Partner Visa??

    one of an agent advised me to get married with my gf ASAP....
  5. acc0101

    Eligible Sponsor for Partner Visa??

    Ok. i know what you guys mean now. how about we count our de facto starting date start from March this year after she got her PR, and we go to register a relationship to waive 12 months period ?
  6. acc0101

    Eligible Sponsor for Partner Visa??

    If you have previously sponsored a partner or been sponsored as a partner Your partner’s visa application may be refused if you are affected by the following sponsorship limitations that are imposed if you: • • have sponsored another fiancé(e) or partner within the last 5 years; or • were sponsored as a fiancé(e) or partner " yourself " within the last 5 years.
  7. acc0101

    Eligible Sponsor for Partner Visa??

    yup. living together over 15 months and live sharing
  8. Hi all, We are going to apply 820 visa. My girlfriend granted her PR on 100 visa this March, 2018 . Her mother is the main applicant in 309/100 visa and my girlfriend is secondary with her sister. Is she eligible to be a sponsor or need to wait years?? i read sth about 5 years rule..and a bit confused When you may not be eligible You may not be able to sponsor your partner if any one of the following applies: you were sponsored for a partner visa as a partner yourself within the last five years
  9. Thanks mate all the best. shame on 457
  10. almost 10 months. still waiting. Don't want to work with this employer anyone, and that's why i am finding some way to apply partner Visa on-shore.
  11. My employer's nomination been refused and them my 457 refused afterward. Both already in AAT appeal. Just want to collect some option before this bet.
  12. Talked with my agent. She gave me a suggestion like this: Apply for Bridging Visa B and leave AUS first, and then apply the ETA oversea. At least i still get the BVB to return if my ETA is failure. Just a bit curious. is it possible to apply an visitor VISA while holding a BVB....
  13. Hi everyone. I am planning to cancel my Bridging visa A. and re-enter AUS with travel visa. I am waiting for the AAT appeal for my 457 nomination, and holding a Bridging visa A. However, I do not want to work for my employer anymore now, the result is nothing to me now. I am planning to lodge a partner Visa on-shore ASAP and would need a travel visa to do it. The tricky part is i don't want to waste time for canceling and waiting for IMMI to cancel my Bridging visa A. i am planning to leave AUS directly and apply and ETA travel visa oversea and re-enter AUS with this. Would it be possible to do this? any hidden issue i need to worry about ? Cheers
  14. Hi All, I am currently on a Bridge Visa A, and waiting for the decision of AAT on nomination. I have been working for this employer since Oct, 2016 when i was on 417 WHV until now. I got my Bridge Visa A on Feb, 2017, after 457 lodged. But i don't think my agent lodged the extension of 6 months work right permission... Am i working illegally now.......??
  15. acc0101

    Grandfathering Arrangements 457 to 186/187

    Same question i would like to ask Apply before April. Approved after April in STSOL