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  1. 5 days at Christmas

    Thanks@tink I'll check it out Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  2. 5 days at Christmas

    Sorry for mentioning the C word... looking for suggestions for a 5 day hol at Christmas time. Up to 4-5 hours (6 absolutely max) in the car from Brisbane (toddler in tow so can't spend too long in car). A nice beach/ island or just peaceful spot with swimming. Won't be camping this time around so needs to have accomm not too far away. Was thinking Hervey Bay maybe? Happy to go north or south of Brisbane. Thanks for any suggestions Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  3. So Outer Mongolians take note!! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  4. What's the best way?

    Thanks @kcec826 somehow I managed to not find this in google results! ahh, except they only offer transfers from Brisbane to OOl to arrive at 7am.. we don't need to be there until about 3pm, thanks anyway
  5. What's the best way?

    Hi Can anyone advise if there is a better way to get from Brisbane to Gold Coast Coolangatta Airport? Aside from driving or taking a taxi that is. On public transport I can only see journeys that involve two trains and two buses? Is there a simpler way? We need to get there on a weekday for late afternoon. Thanks.
  6. Onshore partner visa

    It's super easy (and didn't take long for us) to apply for our child's citizen by decent citizenship certificate and then their passport. We did have to visit London in person for the passport. citizenship http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Citi/pathways-processes/application-options/descent passport http://uk.embassy.gov.au/lhlh/Passports.html I was told by the customer service agent in person that a child who is eligible for a passport should travel on that when visiting/moving , rather than a visa. I take it you already have a UK passport for your baby?
  7. Storing boxes 'outside'? Is this foolish?

    Thanks @princessoz for this, will definitely make sure the seals are tight or in a plastic lid that locks on tight. Absolutely HATE cockroaches!!
  8. Have we made a mistake of returning to the uk?!

    What's awesome about this @Imapla is that you gave it a go. I love the positivity of your post. The big blue skies, the weather, the scenery... love it I know exactly what you mean The UK is not for you and you know what, that's ok! It is for millions, and it also isn't for millions... I may be in a position like you one day - longing to go back and I just might. But who really knows! There's a big beautiful world out there for you, for us all! You're absolutely spot on when you say "those who returned and are glad - those who didn't return and are still wondering if they should have, those who return and wish they hadn't and those that return and then go back to Aus (ping pong)". It's different for everyone and anyone trying to tell someone on here that the UK for them, or not simply can't - it's not their life. I wish you all the very best with your journey back. @Anna833 I hope this has given a lot of food for thought for you. I, and I'm sure many others wish you all the very best in whatever you decide. Whatever you do decide, it will be right for you and your family! All the best! PS PM me if you want to chat ever, we're all here for each other x
  9. Moving to Brisbane from Sydney

    Hi @Stuart16 that's great!! Some times things move quickly eh! All the best and that's great you have family so nearby. The Sunnie Coast is absolutely gorgeous. We didn't have family here (although my OH is an Australian and does have a little bit of a family in other States). It is daunting leaving your folks. Pretty much everyone feels like this. It is hard. It is your and your wife's lives however so you must live it as you need to (obviously not discounting at all the strong relationships and feelings on all behalf). It might help to look at it as not really leaving. Just look at this as x amount of years not 'forever' - seems to help me a bit. Hopefully they may be able to come and visit? Will you aim to pop back at some stage also? It is a difficult thing to do I concede and what's right for someone may not be right for others. Some people I know can't wait to get as far away from their destructive families . It is a lot easier to fly back and forth (as opposed to the three + month boat journeys!) however it is expensive and draining and you can't be there for everything. It's just something you need to weigh up. Absolutely feel free to PM me any questions. Not sure if I could answer all but will definitely give you as much advice as I can. One big thing is that you need to have an Australian approved car seat for your daughter. The UK ones (usually) are not approved. We feel it is a bit bonkers as ours is very sturdy and does not move about in the seat - where the Aussie ones do. They are tethered on from the top to a hook in the car. Anyway, just a word of warning as we brought ours over here and now can't use it. Yes we brought our nine year old cat with us. You could never have even thought she had travelled on all those flights. She's incredibly timid but we've seen zero issues so far (she's now been here with us for about 4 weeks). I was worried about psychological changes - but none are to be seen. We did consider leaving her in the UK IF there had been someone who we trusted to look after her, but there was no-one. We would never ever have considered giving a nine year old cat to a home. We always wanted her to be with us but I felt it might be a bit selfish to put her through the journey/quarantine. But as said, you would think she had never done any of it, exactly the same and already sparring with our toddler daughter (it's a 'I was here first for 7 years' sort of thing ) It was expensive and we had to keep on top of the vet visits/paperwork mind. We used a pet travel company. Take care.
  10. Wish I could buy a million dollar anything I'm sure the UK and Australia have some links but checking the 'whole world' would be challenging if not impossible indeed. This was the stamp duty/transfer reduction I was referring to. The FHOH (first home owners grant) is separate and only applies to anyone who has had a property in their name in Australia. Much easier to check and it is a rigorous check so I'm told. I'm sure there are people out there that will try it tho!
  11. What if you had an interest past five years ago? I'm not condoning lying, I'm just saying it would be difficult to check "the world"
  12. Storing boxes 'outside'? Is this foolish?

    Thanks @Toots & @AJ will look into this week.
  13. Storing boxes 'outside'? Is this foolish?

    Thanks. We'll buy some plastic tubs. Insects aside, would the humidity damage anything?
  14. Hi So our boxes have arrived. We are only renting so will be moving in about 7 months (not going to request to extend lease). We're not going to unpack absolutely everything however don't have the room to store it all in this rental. We have a garage that has a roof, two walls and the roller door. The other end of the garage has a wall built half the height of the other walls so quite a bit of access to the elements. Does anyone have experience with storing boxes practically outside? We can keep them to the side of the garage where there is a roller door and walls, however, the rain does come in via the other wall (not flooding and not reaching the roller door end). So the boxes should stay dry. However, coupled with humidity and the fact bugs etc. can access our garage I wondered if this was is foolish to even consider this? The boxes have books, paintings and other associated household products.
  15. One thing I've just discovered. In Queensland you are only eligible for the stamp duty (transfer) concession if you have never had an interest in any property anywhere in the world! Not sure how they would check... does Outer Mongolia have a relationship where they provide this to the Australian Government?