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  1. One-Way travel insurance

    Do you already have insurance? We had yearly worldwide. I contacted them and THEY CONFIRMED WE DID NOT NEED EXTRA ONE WAY INSURANCE as until we arrived into Australia and therefore activated our visa we were still considered UK resident. Therefore, the insurance covered us from when we left the UK to when we arrived in Australia. We had four days in Singapore so needed to have some sort of cover. The main issue to think about is, in the unfortunate circumstance of being repatriated you would be repat back to the UK. However, we didn't think this was a bad thing anyway as family and friends are in UK.
  2. Homesick

    You're obviously not mixing with the right Aussies. I have loads of Aussie friends and none of them talk about boats or cars or anything like that. Most of them have been travelling a lot - quite more adventurous than me I would say. Nothing wrong with saying you love your country. I actually like the way they are proud of this land and don't constantly put it and other fellow Aussies down all the time - constantly looking for things to moan about. Sorry, but I think if I met you I would give you a bit of a wide berth too (I'm not an Aussie by the way).
  3. Shipping a few items

    We used the 'excess baggage' services by Seven Seas (along with a MoveCube). You can order all manner of size of boxes. they deliver them within 24 hours of ordering (weekdays) and also provide packing material. See here for info https://www.sevenseasworldwide.com/GetQuote
  4. Toowoomba

    Looks lovely... but work is in South Bank so Toowoomba is a no for us.
  5. Toowoomba

    Absolutely stunning place. I just wish we could push it a bit closer to Brisbane South Bank so it was commutable. Can't have everything tho! :-)
  6. Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    Ok so that's our first full week in Brisbane. The sun has shone every single day and we've made the most of the 'great outdoors'. It's gorgeous weather, funny to see the locals wearing jumpers/jackets! It's been about 20 every day with a light breeze. People still continue to be friendly as far as we've seen and we're now addicted to 'Boost' juice (think all manner of fruit smoothies, yum!) We've swam in the free pools (think lagoon like by the river) in the South Bank area (which, I'll mention again is fabulous), walked across the bridge to the 'CBD' centre of Brisbane which is a bustling 'mall' with many shops, large internal shopping centres, cafes and restaurants. We've managed to take two buses (to view rental apartments), get very lost (and a bit cranky) and also registered with Centrelink. Next week I'll be visiting the bank to sort out accounts, register with medicare and find a doctor. We're also going to apply for one rental whilst continuing to view other rentals just in case our application is not approved. Also, thought it would be good to mention to people looking to apply for rental properties in Brisbane (probably Queenslandwide and maybe nationwide) you need 100 points to apply. You are awarded points for each piece of ID such as drivers licence, passport, proof of income, birth certificate, previous landlord reference etc.. you can register on realestate.com.au and fill out 'one form' which you can then use to apply for most rentals (after viewing) - some agencies don't use this 'one form' however, just to note. Hope that is helpful for someone. Good to have these pieces of ID etc. digitally so you can upload to the 'one form'. I have heard it is really difficult to get children into childcare here, we haven't explored this yet (as waiting to see where we end up renting) so can't comment on this yet, but will. So, end of first week. Very early days, seems very ok so far!
  7. Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    First (almost!) 24 hours in Australia. Had a great time in Singapore for four nights. Was really lovely to swim and just enjoy ourselves before the craziness of starting a new job next week. Made it to Brisbane late last night. Passport control was a breeze. The officers were so friendly and smiled a lot / chatted about things to do. Was a bit taken aback! Ok so it's VERY VERY early days so I'm just going to give a first impression and only basing this on the tiny bit we've seen - Brisbane is gorgeous. Despite being 'winter' we were in shorts and t-shirt today. No humidity, very sunny. Had lunch on Melbourne Road (plethora of multi-national restaurants) and wandered around the South Bank - loads going on, a festival-like atmosphere. Happy smiley faces. Noodle markets, school choir groups singing, fast free cats (boats), giant ferris wheel, Japanese and Nepalese memorials. Everyone just seemed to be in a great mood! People holding doors, saying excuse me - just being polite, very smiley and friendly. Pretty much every nationality under the sun. I love a good first impression. Something obviously you only get once. Doesn't mean of course we will always have this impression however, am very impressed so far and are looking forward to much much more exploring.
  8. Hi Have read a few posts on here and googled, however am a bit unsure. We have annual travel insurance. Surely until we actually reach Australia (and therefore become Australian residents) we would still be considered a UK resident? We're stopping off in Singapore which makes things a little more complicated. Anyone know for sure? Unfortunately we won't be able to ask our insurance provider this until Monday (when they open) however we travel tomorrow (Sunday).
  9. Insurance for Shipping

    Hi @SimonandSian just saw this and thought I'd mention Letton Percival do have mould cover as standard. I investigated shipping insurance and also independent and independent won each time.
  10. Where to stay on arrival

    Thank you! We're not big fans of Melbourne either. Ok to visit and see friends but not for us to live. Any info or tips on Brisbane greatly appreciated!
  11. It's large Movecube day!

    Good luck to you too @Har00n I think, but do double check, if you order a smaller Movecube and it turns out you need a larger one the driver can physically extend the box there and then. Obviously invoice would increase.
  12. It's large Movecube day!

    Also meant to add, take a photo of your itemised paperwork - you don't get to retain a copy otherwise.
  13. Where to stay on arrival

    We're off to Brisbane too! Not our first choice however sounds like we may have made the right one. Love to hear people's positive stories when you all land!
  14. It's large Movecube day!

    Well. That, in a word, was amazing! We had a brilliant driver / loader (free as we took a large move cube) who assisted hugely not only in brawn but brains. These guys really know how to pack well. We managed to get in double the amount we thought we could. I mean that literally, double. We had 11 large Seven Seas boxes we had pre-arranged to be transferred to Australia separately as excess baggage - because of the amazing tetris skills, we now only have four to send separately.Saving us a lot of money. It's definitely worth it having a 'nice to fit in if we can pile' if this happens to you too. Luckily we had already packed majority of the large excess boxes so it was just a case of entering it onto the itinerary and placing it into the movecube. If anyone is interested, I can list some of the items we took - however, as mentioned, the larger ones were the king size mattress, bed frame, head and footboard, a very large heavy antique rug, child's bed, motorised child's car, tool box, two large bedside tables, a large flat screen TV, 11 large framed paintings ... the list goes on and on and on ( I definitely won't bore you with it!). We took out insurance with Letton Percival. We didn't realise the only payment they accept is bank transfer so had to hunt for the small card reader (calculator type thing) and had to make the transfer before the movecube had left our address. Luckily I had prepared most of the shipping insurance paperwork the night before so this wasn't too taxing but it was a bit of a race at the end when I needed to find the card reader! A few things that worked for us. The car and trailor take up at least two car spaces. Make sure you have adequate space on your driveway or have organised permits if necessary for this to be parked. The nearer to your house the better of course. If you have a helper (official driver/loader) they are only allowed to take items from your front door - not up and down steps etc. Mark out the height, length and depth of the movecube on the carpet/wall for the size you are intending on taking for your trial run. As someone in this forum (Kevans?) had suggested, do a trial of what you think the movecube should be packed like - perhaps clear a spare room to do it in (we did and it was great to have a whole room as a 'packing room'). Pack it 'back to front' so that when you go to take the first items into the movecube you're packing the far end first. Take photos of the pre-packed area if you need for reference. We took apart our 'tetris' as we're first floor and I was worried about all that weight in one section of the room. We then put the photos up on a laptop this morning so we could easier see what went where. Make sure heaviest things are in the middle of the movecube. This is because they use a forklift to move your cube and if it's not balanced properly it could fall off. We itemised everything as each box was packed and wrote it on a post it note which we stuck on the top. We also numbered everything as it was much easier when having to hand write the itemised list for customs Ours took 2 hours to load. With a coffee break. Make sure you have tea/coffee and biscuits on hand and explain in advance to a distraught toddler that 'the man is not taking our stuff" that we will see it again (hopefully all in one piece) in Australia :-) That's all I can think of for now. May have other things to add if of interest. Hope this has helped someone. I'm not great when it comes to trying to envisage things so photos really helped me. Oh, and when clearing out your cupboards, I'm sure the local food banks would be delighted to receive your items - plus any new clothes with tags on.
  15. Well the day has arrived. Took the advice to trial pack it in reverse in our spare bedroom and be conservative with measurements. Hopefully all fits! Our large items include a king sized mattress and bed frame, a child's bed (no mattress), coffee table and a very large antique rug if this helps anyone thinking about 'what may fit'. Will add photos of our large game of Tetris plus any leanings if of interest.