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  1. Which Visa is for me?

    I would say go for a working holiday visa. Have fun, do lots of different jobs (you'll have to on that visa anyway) and see how you go. Treat it as a 'this is now' sort of situation where, as someone mentioned above, you (most likely) will have to move back/onwards. You're young - explore, travel, enjoy the sun and spend time with your dad and step family. You're in a great position to visit on a WHV as you have family here. I take it you would be able to stay with and rely upon them in certain circumstances? A big benefit most WHV's don't have. As you're single, you never know, you might meet someone here or maybe not. 27 is young enough to do this. I changed careers between your age and 35. One thing I would do if I was in your shoes, is NOT sell your house. Get it ready for rental and trust the admin of renting to a good agent. Could you take a sabbatical or similar from your work? If you did resign, how easy would it be to get a job back in the UK as and when you returned?
  2. Certified copies of documents

    Ali is correct. We had many documents certified, however, at the last minute provided others that were scanned in colour and weren't questioned. I also wonder about the use of the term 'another'. Have you had a partner visa before with your husband? Have you looked into a resident return visa? The partner visa is $7,000 so a lot of money to pay again!
  3. Saw this advert and thought it might be of interest to someone. https://www.seek.com.au/job/35159683?type=standard&userqueryid=475a1b52eb02822c82e856183f80ea98-7116937
  4. Christmas, what to do?

    This sounds so lovely. How nice to finish off with a social bbq at the beach also. Have a great one!
  5. Christmas, what to do?

    Yum! @ali We'll be there at 2? 😂 Great ideas there tho. We're not fans of fruit cake or puddings either.
  6. Christmas, what to do?

    Sounds lovely and very relaxed. How generous and giving of you to open your home and have others join in, rather than be alone. The true spirit. I bet they still talk about their fantastic Christmases with you and your family!
  7. Christmas, what to do?

    Definitely nice to stay put now and again, can see the attraction in that. Sounds lovely you've created your own Christmas to suit you all and the games sound great! What desserts and starters do you make? Your hubby could put the aircon on and pop a DVD on of constant falling snow or a crackling log fire 😊
  8. Christmas, what to do?

    Thanks @Bobj ! will pass onto OH. Such a lovely outlook.
  9. Christmas, what to do?

    How cool! (Literally 😎)
  10. Christmas, what to do?

    Ahh not to worry! Your Christmas goose sounds lovely all the same 😂👍 We had visited Victoria briefly. Was ridiculous hot and humid already in QLD but so very cold in Vic, which stupidly we weren't prepared for 🙄
  11. Christmas, what to do?

    If you don't mind, would love to know some of the areas in Whitsundays you visit. Your photos always look amazingly beautiful. Sounds like a Christmas day my OH would love! He's a keen fisherman however hasn't been out yet in QLD. We're hoping to do a bit of travel next year and indulge my love of swimming & walking for miles along white sandy beaches and his passion of fishing.
  12. How Big Is...

    This is great! Thanks @Bobj so many people I think forget at how amazingly large Australia is. So much to see and do and explore and such diversity.
  13. Christmas, what to do?

    Excellent OH has time off with you and the kids. My OH used to work all days around Christmas also, out here he has two whole weeks off! We almost don't know what to plan! So great to have time together, hope you all have a lovely break. Hope the NY brings a more peaceful smooth ride for you all x
  14. Christmas, what to do?

    Cheese, books and wine. You've got my undivided attention! How lovely, followed by a coastal walk. Hope you enjoy your Christmas x
  15. Christmas, what to do?

    I love this! I don't feel you went off on a tangent at all. I think it's lovely how you really embrace your new life. A real inspiration. You and your family sound exactly like the type of people we like to socialise with. Nice you're having a street BBQ! Love that type of thing. You're right, we should start our own traditions now we're here. We'll see how this year goes and take it from there. We have just decided to spend NYE in Sydney with OH's family, should be fun. The cousins getting to to know each other properly will be great. We'll be out of the 'thick' of it in Sydney so no worries with it being overly crowded, just a nice picnic and a few proseccos :-). Hope you have a fabulous fun Christmas and love to see some photos of the BBQ!