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  1. Ozzie

    Glasgow or Perth - where's our future??

    Does it have to be Glasgow or Perth? Could it be Edinburgh, Perth (UK) Stirling ? Could it be Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide... etc? Also wondering why you're thinking Perth if you didn't have great experiences there to start off with. What would change this time? I think it sounds like your minds are possibly made up that 'settling' in Glasgow is not what you want to do. That's ok! But it's a big ol world out there! What's more important to you, to you as a family? Remember that nothing is permanent pretty much these days. I bet you didn't think you would be back in Glasgow when you were setting off to Perth the first time. Living abroad can be great, but, as you know, does have downfalls. Only you can decide what is right for you, for you as a family. If someone took away the right to ever live out of the UK again how would you really feel? If you don't like the sound of it but in the big picture could live happily with that decision then there's your answer. Perhaps, as you say finances are good, take some really fun family holidays to experience the world but still have the stability of jobs, family and finances back home. Wish you the best.
  2. Ozzie

    Flights to UK

    If you've the ability to use a few airports, you can use https://www.kayak.com.au/flights and instead of putting the full city name in into the "from" and "to" you can put up to four airport abbreviation/code in with a comma between each airport ie: from : bne, ool, mcy, syd to: lon, man, edi, gla it saves time to search for individual airports - doing the abbreviated way will search for any suitable flights between the airports listed. You can then drill down to eg: remove certain airlines, select 1, 2 or more stops etc... from the selections on the left hand side. If you don't know the abbreviation/code for particular airports you can firstly put the full name in and the code will appear or just search on wikipedia or like. I use Kayak for this purpose but then don't use the lesser known booking agents ie: Aunt Betty or something..., prefer to use the well known (and ones I have used before) eg: Opodo, Lastminute Ebookers, airline's own site etc..
  3. Ozzie

    The weather 😁

    even more up in the Schneck!
  4. Ozzie

    Well folks it's decision time..Do it?

    If someone said, sorry you're not able to make the move, would you be really really disappointed/devastated? There's your answer. I have many accountant friends (have been involved in finance for years) and yes, not many of them take a 'punt' Many of them however take jobs around the world, some have moved back to the UK, others won't leave their new countries and others will move on. Do your research, populate that spreadsheet, give yourself a safety net, and then another. Double costs. Look at the negatives. Think about positives. If you can, go for it.
  5. Ozzie

    Aussie weather

    Hotter in London today than Brisbane..... YEEEE-HAAAR have been waiting for this cool change. Makes living here seem so much more livable. Loving it.
  6. Ozzie

    It’s a wrap!

    Lovely uplifting post! all the very best with settling in at “home” and with your parents.
  7. Hi. Thanks for this. Do you have a similar article you could provide at some stage with the reverse, ie: buying a property in Australia and moving back to the UK?
  8. Ozzie

    Just seen this ad on TV

    I emphasise with this. I wonder if perhaps the person involved will 'take it out on' their partner if anything is said publicly. It probably appears cowardly but if I had any defence I was in my late teens, quite naive and a bit of a scardy cat to a big 'old' guy in his mid 40's.
  9. Ozzie

    Just seen this ad on TV

    I recall seeing an advert years ago (in the UK) that I only saw once or twice 'teaching' parents how to be kind to and support their children. At first I thought, why in the world would you need an advert to show parents how to be nice to their kids! Have never forgotten it. I'm all for adverts like the one above and others if necessary anywhere in the world... If it reaches just one person....
  10. Your comment did upset me and make me feel like I had done something wrong. I was trying trying be helpful to the OP. I didn’t think/say Very Stormy was stupid?? Still not sure what I have done wrong. It has never been a good idea IMO to take out payday loans and definitely not if you’re looking for a mortgage down the track. What VS did is up to him/her I was simply mentioning what I knew about the loans. OP The moneysaving website is a great place to read up all about this.
  11. Don’t you like me as a person Marisa? I feel you comment negatively when I write something. I was just trying to let the OP know that nowadays it is best to absolutely stay away from payday loan companies. Whatever Verystormy did in the past may have been right for him/her however I wasn’t commenting on that - just that nowadays it’s not a good idea to use them PD loans if you can help it. Not sure what I did/do wrong?
  12. Absolutely stay away from pay day loan companies. Read here http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?p=57431707&_ga=2.206620309.764604125.1522841541-57860486.1522841541#post57431707 Also have a good read through the link I (and Marisa) gave. The forum on there is incredibly helpful also.
  13. This is a very good website (also has a forum). Read through here https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/loans/credit-rating-credit-score As far as I know, and unless things have changed (they may have) it's very important to note that you must have not had any contact with the companies who you defaulted on for the six/seven years you've defaulted. As I say, things may have changed however up to mid last year when I left the UK it was still the case. I am not suggesting in any way shape or form not to pay debts. You can see your credit report free here https://www.clearscore.com/
  14. Ozzie

    Do Aussies hate Asian people?

    You'll get bigots and racists in every single country. Thankfully you'll also get many many others who celebrate diversity. I've spent quite a lot of time in Australia in different States over the years. Met people from all walks of life in my job, we have a very large extended family and my OH has a huge bunch of friends. I've never once heard anyone say they 'hate' Asians or come across the general public openly displaying this in my day to day life. But how can anyone know if 'Aussie's' hate Asians? We've not interviewed every 'Aussie' to ask their opinion! Heard a lot of people saying they hate bogans though. Oh and Aussie drivers - especially Queenslanders (first hand experience) aggressive and impatience off the scale! I've noticed many Asian people living in Brisbane, it is presumptuous to believe they live here happily however perhaps rising numbers show they do? Again, not interviewed everyone.. .or anyone! I personally love the diversity of all nationalities. My OH and I have the most wonderful Asian doctor. He's thorough, friendly, explains clearly, doesn't ever rush and (in about ten seconds) made a balloon animal for our child when she was hurt. She's changed her mind on going to the doctor now!
  15. Why doesn't your brother speak to your parents? I think you need to have a long honest chat with him. Wish you the best.