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  1. Hi all My parents have now been here 5 yrs total and the past 2 years on a permanent parental sponsored visa. We live in QLD and I applied for a senior +Go card for them thinking this is the one to help reduce their prescription costs ... however apparently its not .... I assume it must be the commonwealth seniors card ???? Mmmmmmm are they even entitled to apply for it under their visa conditions or is this one of those things under the 10 year waiting times with their visa .... I know there is no centrelink entitlement until the 10 year permanent is up but Im not sure about this ... also want them to be able to access the Govt free dental clinics .... can they even do that ??????aghhhhhhh very confused Hope someone can help & advise. Cheers Kerry
  2. Hi all My parents have their permanent residency here now :-) Yeahhhhhhh They get only a UK State pension paid directly into a bank account in AU. Dad got a letter from his UK bank where he only has a few hundred pounds and no deposits going in asking to verify where he is resident for HMRC For tax ??? Question: I assume we say resident in AU ? Question: His total state pension income is aprox 21K au dollars depending on exchange rates and mums is even less probably about 10K....so will he get a tax bill here now ??.......which they cannot afford :-( Thanks in anticipation Kerry
  3. Hi Bridgeman. I thought it may be the case but was hoping the fact they have already had 2 1/2 years here on the Temp 173 visa waiting to transfer to the Perm 143 visa it may have allowed them 'time off' as it were from another 2 years :-( Cheers :-)
  4. Hi all. My first post.. .Hope i do this right. My questions is ...if anyone on this visa has managed to get a concession or seniors card through Centrelink to help with Prescription costs etc? How long did you have to wait ? and is there any other way to try and get reductions for my parents for medications/ dental costs etc ? I have also heard some people have been claiming some kind of benefit from Centrelink before the 10 year waiting period and stopping their claim just before the AOS amount (aprox 14K a couple) has been drained....so they essentially access the AOS money before the 10 years ....seems a bit strange but what are your experiences please ? Thanks :-) K