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  1. Sayaka

    Student visa before applying for 189

    Thank you, Samson, although I am pretty confident I won't get skills assessment any quicker...
  2. Sayaka

    Student visa before applying for 189

    Hi Raul, Thank you for your reply. Is that because the immigration may think I'm just extending the time of stay by getting a student visa? Do you have any suggestions? Sayaka
  3. Hi all, I would like to know if it is allowed to get a student visa between 457 and application for 189. Currently I am on 457, expiring in 8 November this year, and in the process of preparing to apply for 189. I have sent required documents to the assessing organisation and were received on 17 July and process time is up to 10 weeks according to them. This means that it might not be until the end of October that I will get the assessment (if positive, of course), leaving about 2 weeks to send EOI, get invited and apply, which is pretty ambitious. So, I need to do something so that I don't need to get out of the country and the only option I can think of is a student visa. Does anybody here know if it is OK (or not OK) for me to do that? Or, does anybody have another idea? Thank you for your support in advance. Sayaka
  4. IELTS completed: 9/08/2017, Skills Assessment applied: 15/08/2017

  5. Sayaka

    189 skills assessment English requirement

    Hello Richard, Thank you for your response. I completed the Diploma before undertaking the study for the Bachelor. Would the study for Diploma be counted as part of the 4 years of higher education, considering I have got the credits for it and was exempt from the first year of a 4 year Bachelor degree? By the way, I hold a Japanese passport and completed all the study above in Australia. Sayaka
  6. Sayaka

    189 skills assessment English requirement

    Hi Jamie, Thank you for your response. Is PGCE something that you do after you finish the bachelor, I assume? Yeah I have enough IELTS scores to get some points for the visa application but not yet enough for the skills assessment..
  7. Hi everyone, Is there anybody who has got successful skills assessment as a teacher WITHOUT IELTS due to having completed at least four full years of study in higher education (university) in Australia, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or the United States of America? Or, do you know if I would be able to get the successful skills assessment for completing the Bachelor in Australia (4 year education but only studied with the uni for 3 years as I already had a Diploma that I got from Australian college). Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Hi all!! I'm just writing here to see if anyone has experiences on applying for 189 on their own without an agency? I have consulted an agency in person re:189 as an ECT and felt that I could do it by myself rather than paying them $6000 which is a lot of money for me (Plus I simply did not like how the agency was). I'm still at the very early stage of so called "visa application madness" and it is already killing me...! Hope you talk to people here who have more experiences and knowledge than me! Cheers