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  1. CeeJayKav

    Container Arrival

    I was told 2 to 3 weeks. everything seems to be slow in Australia
  2. Halo, can anyone please recommend primary schools in Point Cook Melbourne. I hear catholic schools are better, is that right? Thanks for your help
  3. Thank you for your response. I will be driving. Would prefer a nicer area because I have young children. Please recommend.
  4. CeeJayKav

    VISA payment- Urgent help please

    Thank you for your response. Unfortunately international transfers take about 7 working days hence this will not work. They have 4 days to submit. They were not aware there was a maximum payment from their bank hence did not pre plan for the payment. Unfortunately the other options cannot be done from the African bank.
  5. CeeJayKav

    VISA payment- Urgent help please

    Halo Asking for a friend, they are ready to submit their application however their bank (In Africa) will only allow maximum US$ 5000 at a time. They need an equivalent of $7700 for full payment hence they are not able to make one payment. The problem now is there is no option for 2 payments, I've made a call to the department and they said it can only be made in one payment. Has anyone ever experienced this? any advice please. thanks
  6. Halo We are moving in a couple of months to Melbourne, i will be working at Ravenhall Correctional Center. May you please recommend the best areas to look for accommodation. I would consider where there are good primary schools, transport connection, kindergarten, playgrounds. Thank you for your assistance. Cath
  7. CeeJayKav

    China police clearance

    Thank you so much for the information
  8. CeeJayKav

    China police clearance

    Halo Has anyone managed to get a police clearance from China? it seems impossible to get from the bit of research done so far. Thanks
  9. CeeJayKav

    Has anyone ever used Luna Shipping ltd?

    Thank u for your response will look into it.
  10. Halo i received this quote from Luna Shipping it just seems too good to be true. Most companies are charging almost double for the same size container. Was just wondering if anyone has ever used this company and if so what was your experience. Thank you Thank
  11. Halo Hyundai ix35 2015 , mileage 35000, it has air-con, UK worth about £10000 Australian value between $18000 to $23000 What do you think? Thanks
  12. CeeJayKav

    190 - Evidence of employement

    Thank you, will feed back when i get a response. If you are in the UK u can use P60 and P45. You can also contact the HMRC for statement of employment for the period you are claiming. Also copies of bank statements showing payment from your employers