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  1. CeeJayKav

    Has anyone ever used Luna Shipping ltd?

    Thank u for your response will look into it.
  2. Halo i received this quote from Luna Shipping it just seems too good to be true. Most companies are charging almost double for the same size container. Was just wondering if anyone has ever used this company and if so what was your experience. Thank you Thank
  3. Halo Hyundai ix35 2015 , mileage 35000, it has air-con, UK worth about £10000 Australian value between $18000 to $23000 What do you think? Thanks
  4. CeeJayKav

    190 - Evidence of employement

    Thank you, will feed back when i get a response. If you are in the UK u can use P60 and P45. You can also contact the HMRC for statement of employment for the period you are claiming. Also copies of bank statements showing payment from your employers
  5. Halo i need to add the form 1022 following having a baby. I’m not sure which section I’m supposed to submit this if anyone can assist please. Where do I attach the form and evidence? Thank you for your assistance
  6. CeeJayKav

    190 - Evidence of employement

    Halo i provided the statements I could get. Had work references detailing salary and work duties. Also attached payslips as much as I could. Not sure if this will be acceptable just waiting for response
  7. CeeJayKav

    190 - Evidence of employement

    Hey I applied for Victoria and claimed points for work experience.
  8. CeeJayKav

    190 Victoria

    Hey Yes i have submitted the additional information have not heard anything yet. Wonder if they are just working with the 6 to 8 months waiting time on the website.
  9. CeeJayKav

    190 - Evidence of employement

    Not yet, however im expecting next week so been hoping i dont get a response before the baby comes so i can add to the application.
  10. CeeJayKav

    Expecting baby- advice on adding to visa application

    Thank you for the information. Just noted i had not responded.
  11. Halo We are expecting first week of November. I’ve applied for the 190 visa and I’ve had first contact after three months, I responded on the 25/09/18. My question is do I ask for the application to be put on hold so we can add the baby when she arrives or do we add the baby after if we get granted before delivery. I would prefer the least complicated way. If it’s best to put the application on hold please advice how this is done. Thanks u
  12. CeeJayKav

    190 Waiting Time to Hear From CO

    Well done and good luck with everything
  13. CeeJayKav

    190 - Evidence of employement

    Thank you Emma, ive submitted now crossing my fingers. Hope i dont have to wait months for a response. Did you get your visa approved? If so how long did it take after submitting additional information?
  14. CeeJayKav

    Employment evidence for 189 visa

    I’ve been asked for evidence of employment as well and will not have payslips for all jobs worked. I’ve also noted there is an agency job I forgot to include on my work experience or CV just found payslips from them. Not sure if I should include them now or just leave it