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  1. If you log in, go to 'Settings' (top right in black banner), then 'My Settings'/'Edit Signature' you can pop your details in there
  2. We didn't supply any form 888s. We uploaded all of the items that were 'required' when we first applied, and this was not one of them. We thought we'd wait until our CO asked for it. They approved the grant without.
  3. Congratulations! More fantastic news. Have fun celebrating and good luck with your move and future in Oz! x
  4. congratulations! Fantastic news! Celebrations this weekend! Good luck with the move
  5. Lol! Sorry, I wish I could predict it! I only guessed Koalakate's because she was a few days before us, but couldn't get into the medical until after us. The timings just seemed the same. Honestly, yours won't be long. If it's a simple case, it's just a matter of processing. I have my fingers crossed it happens for you very soon.
  6. Congratulations! I knew it wouldn't be long. Exciting times ahead. Good luck with the move and your travelling. You'll be very happy in the Whitsundays! x
  7. Ah! Great! It took 4 days. App was Tuesday, uploaded all clear on Friday. Visa grant email this morning at 9:45am! Fingers crossed yours is the same. Looking forward to hearing about it! x
  8. Thank you! was your husbands medical booked for this week?
  9. Thank you so much. It was a wonderful surprise this morning. I will keep in touch
  10. thank you so much! Fingers crossed it won't be long for yours! I will keep reading for your news x
  11. Thank you so much. I think we've been very fortunate. Will definitely be back with an update from down under!
  12. Adelaide is lovely! I was born there and still have family there. You'll have a brilliant life in Adelaide.