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  1. Garym85

    Citizenship, when to apply?

    Hi all, my fiancée and I have had our PR for 18 months now. We came in on my 457 with her as my defacto early January 2017. I came by myself as she had a work project to finalise in the UK First. technically I tick both of the boxes for citizenship in January as that’s 4 years with at least 1 as PR. she didn’t permanently move here until the September that year but she did travel over in February(one month after I arrived) for 3 weeks. Would February be the start of her 4 years or September? also, prior to this she was here for a year on WHV and left a year before I arrived. Not sure if this is also a contributing factor in her time in Australia? want to get the application in as soon as possible but making sure we meet all requirements. thank you
  2. Garym85

    Partner visa 820 question

    Yes, they have all of this.
  3. Hi All, Asking for a friend... Current situation; he is on a 2 year 457 which expires in around 3 months time. He has been in a relationship with a AUS citizen for about 18 months and they want to live here. Question I have- If he submits the 820 visa application (lets say in the next couple of days) does he immediately get a bridging visa, or does the bridging visa take effect when his 457 comes to an end? If so, what is his working rights? this part is a bit confusing and I can't seem to find a clear answer. Am i correct in saying the 820 takes around 2 years to come through then the 801 is after that? thanks
  4. Garym85

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Thanks mate! Yeah, submitted on 28th March and got the 'S56 request for further info' two days later for Medicals and police checks We had already booked this in when they launched the application on the 28th and had all docs finalised a couple of weeks later
  5. Garym85

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    PR granted today! Details have gone to my MA who will message me on Monday I am sure but checked my IMMI account and status changed from further assessment to finalised today and the 186 is in the attachments! Just over 5 weeks from start to finish. Good luck everyone...it'll come soon!
  6. Garym85

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Congratulations! I'm very similar timelines to you- I applied a few days after you did- Marketing specialist also from UK and now in NSW. Did you have the S56 request for further info? We got this less than 48 hours after applying which means the case officer is looking at it. submitted the final police checks and medicals two weeks ago and status is 'Further assessment'
  7. Garym85

    Further assessment

    4 Weeks. 186 TRT Marketing specialist Sydney
  8. Garym85

    Suddenly feeling homesick

    Hey, I know how you feel. I go through phases, as does my partner. We are early 30's, about to have our PR granted and I often have a period of wanting to go back to UK. Missing friends and family, seeing family get older, missing key milestones in the closest people to our lives- its all hard! Missing chinese takeaway seems like the icing on the cake sometimes! We went back to UK last year for a friends wedding, and doing the same again in a few months. Everyone has grand plans but found that you need to make all the effort. we looked forward to 'coming home' to Australia after three weeks in UK. As you have PR you are in a better position than most, I know a few people who've been in our position then gone home- the weather is rubbbish, everyone is moaning, brexit is on the horizon and the uncertainty about many things as a result. Sometimes it's difficult to build a network of friends here to turn to- it is in Sydney, although I do work with some of the best people, its still not the same. What I'd say is- Have no regrets. The UK isnt the worst place but you came here for a reason, some days are hard, some are great....stick it out for a while longer and see if it passes.
  9. Garym85

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    I'm very similar position to you here- I applied on 28th March, Request for further info on 30th March and I did the police checks that day. They took three weeks to arrive from uk...Everything else was done. I chose the tracking option which probably made it harder as I checked progress to see it took 9 days in Australian customs! good luck
  10. Garym85

    Pet Melbourne to Brisbane Flight?

    Late to the party with this but we flew our Cavoodle from Sydney to Perth with us when we went over for 2 weeks- cost was around $250 and she was absolutely fine. arrived safely at each side and we watched her boarding into the hold from our seat. Only virgin and Qantas carry pets and spaces are extremely limited. I believe most aircraft will only carry a max of 2 pets. we flew VA and even got velocity points for her!
  11. Garym85

    Remortgaging UK Property whilst in Auz?

    Hi Jo, It's a contentious one! I found it really easy to re-mortgage to a better rate and 3 year fixed term by doing a variation of existing mortgage. (It saved me over 120 pounds a month!) If you want to re-mortgage to release equity then that will be far more difficult, It is possible I believe but you would only be able to get to a certain LTV and most likely pay a higher APR. We are a few years down the line and similar position as we own two places- We're most likely going to sell one or both to buy here.
  12. Garym85

    Renting 1st time

    Absolutely would be easier if your husband is citizen so he probably easily has 100 points of ID. That said, Passport is 70 straight away! How easy really depends on your location and budget. If you are trying to rent a mid-price apartment in Bondi just before summer theres likely to be lots of other applicants therefore someone with no rental history is going to slide down the pecking order. When I arrived, I found that getting to chat to the real estate agent proved a good tactic- I went to a couple of viewings with no interest in the property. Again, massively depends on location but if you like somewhere- its worth completing 1form which most real estate agents use, you still must view it but once you do, if you like it you have a head start on the others.
  13. Garym85

    Moving to the UK with a Dog

    Hi Paul, Sorry to hijack- I was also looking into this so following to get updates. Am I correct in saying that with a rabies shot and all paperwork the dog doesn't need to stay in Quarantine? Also, can you advise on what the rough costs of transporting your dog are? Hope you get all of your questions answered and your dog is good to go!
  14. Garym85

    s56 request

    Similar timelines for me- 457>186TRT Marketing specialist. Submitted 28th March S56 Request 30th March- Medicals and UK/AUS police checks Submitted All docs and medicals approved by 18th April. Now waiting. We have two properties in UK we are selling as soon as PR is granted and buying here so fingers crossed it comes through soon!
  15. Garym85

    When did you ship your goods?

    I shipped my stuff over the day before I moved. I left GB on the 5th January so didn't want to be left without my furniture over xmas. When i arrived in Sydney i stayed in an airbnb for a few weeks and found an apartment...the first week was a disaster...I got the keys on the sunday morning and left for Brisbane and Melbourne for work meetings that afternoon....getting back at 8pm on the Wednesday realising I had nowhere to sleep, I bought an airbed, duvet and pillow just before the shops closed....got home to realise it had no pump! fast forward 10 days and a new bed, fridge and washing machine arrived! Thankfully my furniture is all here, I've bought a new car and life doesn't feel like an Australian version of Transporting now!