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    Partner visa thread continuation........

    Thanks for this Cara. We move to QLD (Airlie Beach) in July. I'll keep you updated with our progress. We are going to sell everything and start from scratch!! Pretty scary but at least we can get on now and plan. We are having a family get together at the weekend to celebrate my husband's visa grant (and birthday)! Job wise- my husband is a chef (lots and lots of jobs for him-everywhere). I'm a teacher (secondary). I'm not convinced I'll find work but willing to change and do something else, if necessary. Currently, I'm getting all my paperwork together to register as a teacher in Oz. It's like uploading to immi all over again!! Help.
  2. Congratulatons carahunter! Good idea to have a QLD/Brisbane forum...
  3. Thank you! It's a bit of a risk for me; I'm a teacher and it doesn't seem like there is a lot of work in QLD at the mo for teachers. But my hubbie is a chef so he'll be fine! But I think the stunning views and the fact we have family and friends there will make up for it. My son is very excited about starting college. It is such a relief. Good luck to everyone. I'll keep an eye on here, as we aren't moving until July and travelling around Asia before we arrive in Brisbane. All the best, Kate.
  4. THANK YOU! Applied: 18th August Medical/PC requested: 12 th Jan (Uploaded on the 6th Feb) 309 visa awarded today- 9th Feb Will be celebrating this weekend!! We have been married for a year (together 2 1/2 years at the time of the application). I have a son (aged 15, Oz citizen by descent). We are moving to QLD (near to the Whitsunday's). I have family and friends there.
  5. Today our visa has been granted!!!! 5 months, 3 weeks and a day!!
  6. Yes it says Health Clearance provided- no further action required.
  7. Medical (updated on immi today) and police check uploaded. Now just the waiting game- see how long it takes for the visa to be granted! Applied-18th August Medical/PC requested- 12th Jan (given 28 days to complete) Uploaded today (6th Feb) Grant soon!! Fingers crossed.
  8. Brilliant news! I bet you are feeling much better. Keep in touch.
  9. Yes the PC has come back. We just have the medical on Friday. We needed a Friday appointment due to work commitments otherwise we would have got it done sooner. I'll keep you all updated. It's my husband's birthday on the 18th Feb (6 months after we applied: 18th Aug) so it would be a fab birthday present if it was granted around then!
  10. Yes we go on Friday, phew! How long does it take to update on the immiaccount? Don't think we'll have to wait for too long after all updated. Congratulations again! x
  11. Ha ha!! I'll forewarn him when he goes next week...! thanks
  12. koalakate

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    New to this forum. I'm in the process of registering with Queensland to teach in the North of QLD. I have a three year BSc + PGCE plus 8 years experience teaching in secondary schools with various roles. My degree however is not in the subject I teach, which is fine in the UK. Has anyone had experience of this in Australia? Does your degree need to be in the subject you teach? Love to hear your about personal experiences.
  13. Yes but once you get the email request you get another letter from your CO, along with other information on how to complete the checks, etc.
  14. I think the one on immiaccount says 100 for all. However, we have had the request email and on the headed letter it sates Temp 309 visa so assume we will get that one? What did yours say ashabree?