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  1. rachelwc

    457 - Current processing times

    GOT OUR VISAS! Both British citizens (in our 30's) We applied for a 457 visa (through my partners company) my partner was on the main visa and i was defacto. Applied 10th January 2017 Received 24th February 2017
  2. rachelwc

    Cleaners in sydney

    Hi all, can any recommend a good cleaning company for central sydney? Also what hat is a reasonable rate? And is it per hour or is there a few on top for agents etc? thanks rachel
  3. rachelwc

    Keep UK bank account?

    ah i see, what about transfer wise? so those companies are better than banks. also my friend said today that from ATM's you are charged if its not your bank???
  4. rachelwc

    Keep UK bank account?

    Hi would you be able to elaborate what you mean about Australian credit card etc? And what's HiFX? Thank you!
  5. rachelwc

    Keep UK bank account?

    Ps I would always keep my UK bank accounts open, for ease and reasons above credit rating etc.
  6. rachelwc

    Keep UK bank account?

    What I am wondering if anyone can help as I can't seem to find a definitive answer. I need to transfer back to a UK bank account each month (I can't do a one off- so will always be monthly)and I want to know if with global banks have no fee i.e. They just convert aud to gbp, or if there is a charge? I've found a few apps/advertisements about services that charge low fees but wondered if this was more effective, I currently bank with nationwide so I would have to open another account.... or is there good aus banks who transfer free. Also is there always a few or is it just shown in your exchange rate? Be good to know who is transparent etc. Ps We arent in oz yet. Thanks rachel
  7. rachelwc

    Investments in Australia

    Hi, @Kenfrapin , I wondered did you sort out what you were going to do, I'm pretty much in the same position, except I'm not too bothered about shares and it would more be an ISA type product I'd be after so that my partner and I can save. I'd like to invest in a range of funds probably equities and perhaps property for example like investing in Invesco income (acc) or Woodfords equity income (acc). I have all the links Andrew put on and will read through but thought perhaps easier to ask you and get your experience. thanks Rachel
  8. i did a quick search and I think it depends on how much you are moving- 1/3 of a shipping containers is about £1000. think a bed house costs like £3000 so I guess worth thinking about how much your stuff is worth to take i.e could you buy it all again for 3k? although ive heard furniture is expensive in oz even ikea, plus remember all flats come unfurnished so you need to buy washing machines etc.
  9. rachelwc

    Australian Funds Supermarket

    I am looking to do the same as Jonno, and I also have a hargraves lansdown account, i'll prob just invest in funds though opposed to stocks and shares and I won't be moving savings just investing what I earn in oz and so will my partner. I've looked at some other sites to the ones you recommend, but some you have to pay a monthly subscription?? also are the ones you recommended fund supermarkets or only offer their own products? I also found this article which was quite useful. http://www.smh.com.au/news/business/money/investment/funds-under-wraps/2009/06/15/1244917984503.html is a wrap like an ISA?