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  1. Hello all We have just been granted 189 visa - Hooray and we are considering where to live. Canberra is top of the list at the moment. My biggest reservation though is finding a job without being an Australian citizen. I have looked at the job sites and the majority of jobs in ACT specify Australian citizens for security clearance reasons. I work in IT and in the UK my skills are in demand (by accident rather than design - it's just fortunate). I know that ACT is particularly good for IT jobs in 2016 so in a way I feel quite hopeful. So my questions are 1. Is it madness to move to ACT with PR. Would I really struggle to find work 2. Does anyone have experience of working in IT in ACT. Is there a decent sized private sector. Does everything revolve around government or are there other sectors? 3. I know you can't work in government with a PR visa. Is security clearance for private companies the same? Or are the job sites just being picky and if they like you enough then there are ways around it? I did government work in the UK and employed people from all nationalities and we were happy to get them security cleared (though if someone had just been holiday to the tribal regions of Afghanistan then we rolled our eyes about it). May thanks for any/all replies.