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  1. I am filling out the Citizenship application and I've got to the bit that asked for countries resided and visited. Can i have some help please? My time line was that I was granted my PR visa in Feb 2017. I then took an activation trip to Sydney in March 2017 for 2 week before returning to the UK. In October of 2017 I moved to Sydney. How do I show this on the contrys visited section. Do I show the period I was back in the UK after my visa activation trip as "working" as I still had my full time job in the UK up until October? I'm totally confused! Thanks in advance
  2. Found this floating in the pool this morning. Looks like a funnel? IMG_1006.HEIC
  3. sualg

    Citizenship, when to apply?

    As per usual, I can’t get my simple head around this, can you help. PR (189) granted Feb 2017 visa activation trip 19th March 2017 - 11th April 2017 arrived to live in Sydney on 9th Oct 2017 5 days in Bali 2 x 20 day trips back to the uk
  4. sualg

    Planning to purchase at auction

    Hi, Yes I am in NSW and have PR. Thanks very much for the link, its very useful. I don't understand this element :- the auctioneer is entitled to make one bid only on behalf of the seller how is it that a auctioneer can make a bid on behalf of the seller, it makes no logical sense?
  5. Hi guys, I’ve been to view a property it’s going to auction in about three weeks. The real estate agent has given me a copy of a draft contract. The question I have is before the auction what steps should I have taken both with the contract and any other measures you feel necessary if I’m planning to bid on the property. The real estate agent has given me a copy of a draft contract. The question I have is before the auction what steps should I have taken both with the contract and any other measures you feel necessary if I’m planning to bid on the property. Obviously this whole process is a bit alien to me, I have found a conveyancing solicitor but haven’t instructed them as yet, any help would be gratefully appreciated.
  6. sualg

    Been here a while.

    Respectfully disagree, I’m in Narrabeen on the northern beaches, short walk to the beach and as I’m logged into my NAB account I can categorically tell you I’m not anyway near a millionaire.
  7. sualg

    Avalon Beach area to Sydney CBD

    Hey @StephenJones travelling to the CBD from Avalon is a fairly long commute, I live a little south of Avalon and have access to the B1 bus service. This runs ever 10 min at peak and goes direct into the CBD with only 5 stops. I would not drive unless I was leaving at 6am as the route is to congested. The B1 service was due to be extended to Newport but for some bizarre reason the local residents objected and it was knocked on the head. So Avalon to the CBD is certainly an acceptable 1 and a half hour commute each way via bus. I get a lot of work done during that time and I always get a seat
  8. sualg


    Hey, i live I’ve a short distance from Newport and I’m paying $1200 per week for a 4 bed family home, it’s nothing special and it’s not on the beach but it’s well fitted out and comfortable with nice outdoor space, parking for 2 cars , en suite etc
  9. sualg

    School System - State or Private

    We have just put our 5 year old son into the private system. The state system has some fantastic schools just like the U.K.. The government funds private schools to a much greater extent here so the upfront fees are much lower than in the U.K. Their appears to be a huge range of private schools here in Sydney. Speaking to a ex NSW schools inspector the other week these private schools do not fall under the same inspection regime, however you can benchmark using NAPLAN My son has settled in well with much smaller class sizes than the state school . If I had a good state school locally I would of sent him to that. My advise is shop around, don’t discount the private sector as sometimes it’s not that expensive vs state
  10. sualg

    Still searching for a suburb....

    My wife commutes from Narrabeen on the Northern Beaches to SOP. Most days it takes around 55mins each way. So its just within your 1hr timeframe. You get beaches, cafes, lifestyle but all this comes at a price of fairly expensive rental costs vs the west of Sydney. I've been on the northern beaches for over 1.5 years now, its schools are outstanding.
  11. sualg

    What you wish you would have brought...

    My advice is bring everything. I miss my electric blanket !
  12. sualg

    Will UK Samsung hd TV work in West Australia

    My UK Samsung TV that’s over 7 years old is working fine here in Sydney. It’s plugged into the Ariel and the EPG relieves all the channels
  13. sualg

    Tax on money transfer from UK to Australia

    I moved to Sydney in late 2017 and Alan Collett and his team completed both my UK & Australian returns this year. His unique knowledge of both tax systems was extremely beneficial. Can't recommend him enough.
  14. sualg

    Penrith? thoughts

    I live on the beaches and work close to Penrith. The Temperature difference can often be around 8 - 9 degrees Celsius and when it’s 30 degrees on the beaches it’s bloody hot in Penrith. There is no way in hell I would live out west.
  15. sualg

    Best UK mobile for keeping while in Oz

    Hi. ‘I researched this endlessly, in the end I took out a three £25 per month sim only deal which I have had in Aus for 13 months now. They have not cut me off but my usage is marginal. On reading other forums three do not appear to bother if your data use is low and your paying the monthly fee. When I travel out of Australia I use this phone as it has the excellent data roaming option included in my unlimited data package. (This for me justifies some of the expense)My Optus sim and most other Auz telco’s do not appear to offer internroaming data as a package. so you can have a U.K. mobile in Auz but it’s going to cost you money every month, doesn’t appear to be a way around it.