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  1. sualg


    Thanks Daz. Your a star mate! Up Hanley duck!
  2. sualg

    New citizen question

    Hi All, Had my ceremony on at Belrose on the Sydney Northern beaches a couple of weeks ago. Can’t thank you all enough for the advice and support on my 5 year journey via PR to citizen. I don’t have an Australian Passport yet just my UK passport (although I will apply for an Australian Passport in due course). I have to travel to NZ in August on my UK passport, I presume my citizenship will show up on the border control computers when I land back in Sydney or do I need to undertake any other steps?
  3. sualg


    Daz. Worked in Castle at the hippodrome (Zanzibar) for many years. Now in Sydney. Miss an oatcake
  4. Hi All, today I recieved Notification of my citizenship ceremony next month, Its due to be held the day before I fly back to the uk for a 3 week holiday. I'm wondering do I proceed with the ceremony as after I become a citizen my PR and RRV visas will be cancelled meaning I can't return to Oz with my UK passport? As I won't have an Australian passport yet will this mean I will be denied entry ?
  5. sualg

    Perth to Northern (poss. Beaches) Sydney

    I moved from the UK to Narrabeen over 4 years ago. One child in primary school. The northern beaches are a unique experience, I love it here and last year we finally purchased a house after a long search. There is always stuff to do, events or new places to eat out and it’s only 1 hour into the CBD on the bus. Oxford Falls has a good reputation. As the previous comment indicates the property pricing can be ‘robust’ compared to other areas!
  6. sualg


    Hi All, I have my test later this week, I included my 8 year old son in my application, somebody told me the other day once I get citizenship I will need to submit a further application for him, is this correct? Timeline: - Application submitted: 28/4/2020 - Test: scheduled for Friday 17th December - Sydney CBD
  7. sualg

    RRV and citizenship application

    Thanks for your responses , any tips on how I inform the gov Iof my trip in my immi account?
  8. Hi All, couple of questions for my learned friends; 1) back in Feb 2017 I was granted PR while in the UK, activated the visa on the 19th March 2017 on a short trip to Sydney before a permanent move in Oct 2017. 2) I have submitted my citizenship application on the 12th April. 3) i have just booked a short 4 week trip back to the UK for March/April 2022 Question 1 when will I require a RRV? Is it 4 year from the grant or the activation ? Question 2 I know from reading this forum that I will need to inform the government about my trip back to the UK but I can’t find any facility to do this on my Immi account now my application has been submitted, is there a process? Thanks in advance
  9. I am filling out the Citizenship application and I've got to the bit that asked for countries resided and visited. Can i have some help please? My time line was that I was granted my PR visa in Feb 2017. I then took an activation trip to Sydney in March 2017 for 2 week before returning to the UK. In October of 2017 I moved to Sydney. How do I show this on the contrys visited section. Do I show the period I was back in the UK after my visa activation trip as "working" as I still had my full time job in the UK up until October? I'm totally confused! Thanks in advance
  10. Found this floating in the pool this morning. Looks like a funnel? IMG_1006.HEIC
  11. sualg

    Citizenship, when to apply?

    As per usual, I can’t get my simple head around this, can you help. PR (189) granted Feb 2017 visa activation trip 19th March 2017 - 11th April 2017 arrived to live in Sydney on 9th Oct 2017 5 days in Bali 2 x 20 day trips back to the uk
  12. sualg

    Planning to purchase at auction

    Hi, Yes I am in NSW and have PR. Thanks very much for the link, its very useful. I don't understand this element :- the auctioneer is entitled to make one bid only on behalf of the seller how is it that a auctioneer can make a bid on behalf of the seller, it makes no logical sense?
  13. Hi guys, I’ve been to view a property it’s going to auction in about three weeks. The real estate agent has given me a copy of a draft contract. The question I have is before the auction what steps should I have taken both with the contract and any other measures you feel necessary if I’m planning to bid on the property. The real estate agent has given me a copy of a draft contract. The question I have is before the auction what steps should I have taken both with the contract and any other measures you feel necessary if I’m planning to bid on the property. Obviously this whole process is a bit alien to me, I have found a conveyancing solicitor but haven’t instructed them as yet, any help would be gratefully appreciated.
  14. sualg

    Been here a while.

    Respectfully disagree, I’m in Narrabeen on the northern beaches, short walk to the beach and as I’m logged into my NAB account I can categorically tell you I’m not anyway near a millionaire.
  15. sualg

    Avalon Beach area to Sydney CBD

    Hey @StephenJones travelling to the CBD from Avalon is a fairly long commute, I live a little south of Avalon and have access to the B1 bus service. This runs ever 10 min at peak and goes direct into the CBD with only 5 stops. I would not drive unless I was leaving at 6am as the route is to congested. The B1 service was due to be extended to Newport but for some bizarre reason the local residents objected and it was knocked on the head. So Avalon to the CBD is certainly an acceptable 1 and a half hour commute each way via bus. I get a lot of work done during that time and I always get a seat