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  1. i would like to know what those visa's are?
  2. just checking, is there way to ask DIBP to consider this situation and provide an update on the visa application? I am sure, there must be way, where I have tried mailing them as I am offshore but i always get the standard response
  3. Thank you VS and Maggie for your response. I guess, its god who can help me here and will get my visa in the first week of July which I am very much hopeful else I would have to inform my company about it. Thanks once again for your quick response.
  4. Hi, I have lodged my 189 visa application along with my family which is under processing. It looks like there is new project shaping up and for that my company planning to apply for a business visitor VISA or new 457 VISA. I have lodged my 189 application on my personal expenses without being told to the company as I am sure, they will not sponsor me. I would like to know whether my new application for the 600 or 457 VISA would have any affect? Would my 189 VISA application would have any affect with the new application? Would my company will come to know about my 189 visa application if they lodge new application for 600 or 457 visa? I am really in a very difficult situation, please help me out. I would really appreciate and grateful to the response. Thanks.
  5. trapme

    Visa Grant for 189

    Thanks for your reply and mine is Business Analyst. I think, this is not in the list for removal but I believe if i had been invited then this will not affect my current application.
  6. trapme

    Visa Grant for 189

    Thank you for reply. I hope VISA will come in July.
  7. Thank you Sir for your response. My understanding per your answer is, there is no impact on my new application for 457 or 600 Visa. I hope they can sponsor my new 457 VISA as previously, they have sponsored on the same before the new changes has come in. I was there in Australia for 3.5 years working for the same employer.
  8. My 189 visa application is in processing status and under assessment in progress status. Meanwhile, it looks like, i would have to travel again to Australia for work using 600 business visitor or 457 visa. Is there any impact on the new application for these VISA? Would my employer will get to know about my PR application when they lodged 600 or 457 visa?
  9. trapme

    Visa Grant for 189

    when can i expect my visa grant decision based on my timelines?
  10. trapme

    Visa Grant for 189

    thank you. i am offshore n my migration is not ready call them even i offered extra money for this you
  11. trapme

    Visa Grant for 189

    Hi, I have lodged EOI on 30/08/2016. Received invitation on 21/12/2016. I have lodged my visa application on 18th of jan, 2017 with 70 points. Case officer contacted on 13th feb and asked to complete the medicals and some documents. I have completed my medicals on 22nd March, 2017. Since then My visa application is in assessment in progress. Don't know when can I expect my grant. I see many folks who have lodged later than me received it. My visa application is looked at by the Adelaide department. Please advise, when can I expect my visa decision. I have already sent them mail asking about if anything needed my side but received standard response.
  12. trapme

    Occupational Celings

    Thanks so much Richard for your response. That's my understanding too but I would like to confirm with someone who knows the law better than me.
  13. trapme

    Occupational Celings

    I have lodged my visa application for the business analyst job code and its in under process but i have seen that occupational ceiling for my job code has been reached to its limit for this financial year. Would that going to impact me or my application would be approved in the next financial year after July ?
  14. trapme

    Question on Situation

    I am on 457 visa and leaving Australia next week. I understood from my company that they are not going to cancel my 457 visa which is until next year May. My son is suppose to go school next year and I am thinking to send my wife next year along with my son so that he can start his school here. This is just to avoid to different education framework back in country as my plan to come back to Australia once my PR get approved may be sometime next year, finger crossed. Is that possible for my wife to travel to Australia along with my son without me as i will continue to work in India? My son can get admission based on my 457 VISA even though I am not present in Australia and working in India. I do have another question, VISA processing time for 190 VISA is faster than 189? My migration agent mentioned to me both are having the same processing time as per the DIBP site. I am really in a confuse stage whether I should go for 190 or not if the processing time is same in both cases. 189 VISA is better option but if 190 is faster than its worth going for. Thanks for your help and time.
  15. trapme

    AFP police checks

    when do you think, I should complete my Australian character verification from AFP. I am moving back to my country in next month. I have already spent 3.5 years in Australia. Do you think that I should complete my Australian police check before I leave or should I wait till I get an invitation for NSW or 189 either? Thanks so much for your help an time.