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  1. george70

    Radar revenue.

    Saw 2 crashes on the way home last night, was behind a car for a while with no brake lights, had to slam on at a roundabout near our place as a young girl just drifted across it looking at her phone. You couldn't make it up. Whatever you do in life, you will never do ANYTHING as dangerous as driving in Australia.
  2. george70

    Radar revenue.

    To be fair, with the way that people drive here, it's an absolute revenue gimme. I can't blame them, it's like printing money. The downside of course is that other, much more serious crime is ignored. But they don't seem too bothered about that.
  3. george70


    Can't the Govt just say 'No'?
  4. I used to go to Whitehaven on business. Depressing doesn't tell half the story.
  5. george70

    Dismal England reactions?

    I instigated a move back to the UK after 8/9 years here but the Mrs has kiboshed it, she had a couple of weeks back recently and hated it. Bit disappointed for myself but happy here if she is. Point is, as per the OP, no-one in the UK could even believe we were considering it.
  6. george70

    Young Family - Potential move to Perth

    We are in careers like yours and Perth isn't a great place for them. Firstly, there's not too many employers to choose from, secondly, there's a downturn on, thirdly Australians aren't exactly cutting edge when it comes to modern methodologies and practices, they are getting there but work seems a bit '2001' to me, if you know what I mean. No real problem with Perth in general but I wouldn't move here if I was career-committed. Also, we earn in excess of $200k, have no kids and, although very comfortable and happy socially etc. I wouldn't consider massively us well off. We have no savings although we do have a short mortgage. We spend up every fortnight. Good luck.
  7. george70

    4 day sightseeing recommendations

    Mandurah, Freo, King's Park/City, Cottesloe, Hills, Matilda Bay/Point Walter/Applecross/Nedlands would be my suggestions.
  8. george70

    Reggie Yates: Hidden Australia BBC3

    Australia has a massive social drug problem, much worse than the UK where I would say drug use is far more recreational. I'm from the North West, you go to Liverpool and Manchester and everyone's on coke but at least most leave it for the weekend. Here, the everyday ice use is off the scale and must contribute massively to crime and health care figures. Plus, not forgetting, there are millions of alkis here as well. My guess would be that you are in a minority if either of these issues doesn't impact you over here. Has to us, kids of friends.
  9. george70

    Australian Films

    The Proposition, Mad Max and Chopper would probably be my faves.
  10. george70

    Where to buy?

    I think the only British thing I really buy now is Mint Sauce as the local stuff is some weird jelly concoction. Oh, and Oxos.
  11. george70

    Where to buy?

    I can understand the need for a comfort/junk food fix, I used to do it when we first got here. It wears off though when you start paying $100 every week for crisps and sweets. Plus, another poster is right, couple of years down the line, it tends to make no difference. In fact, similar to this topic, after spending my first few years here yearning for a British Chinese, I went back last year and found it greasy and stodgy so tastes and palate do change I reckon.
  12. george70

    Do most new migrants actually live at the beach?

    Walk on the beach 3 or 4 times a week.
  13. I agree with that. My BBQs are good because I put loads of effort in. But the average Aussie BBQ is rubbish.
  14. george70

    Wanted down under is back on!

    I saw a bit of one the other day and they asked the bloke what he was looking for in his ideal Aussie home. A pool? A sea view? A balcony? No .... storage space apparently. Laughed, I did.