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  1. Jojoe

    Do kids have their own Citizenship Application?

    Ah once you’ve uploaded them you can sit back and relax for a while . Processing time is quite lengthy at the best of times but well worth waiting for .
  2. Jojoe

    Do kids have their own Citizenship Application?

    I personally found the paper application much easier and I know a few others that started the online process and then went down the paper application route also . A child / children under 16 years is to be included on one of the parents applications online , there is a question where you can tie in your spouse which is simply for ceremony purpose only . If you want to carry on with the online application I would still have a look at the paper application as it has more notes on it as to what they expect from the online questions .
  3. Jojoe

    RRV Plans effected by COVID 19

    yes I’m sure they will be inundated with calls and emails . There will be many that will be waiting to activate their PR visa for the first time too . All the stimulus packages in Australia are currently of a timescale for the next 6 months so would expect that you will be granted a 6 month extension of the least at this point . Good luck with it all but I’m sure your right to travel on your PR visa will be extended due to COVID-19. Always wise as you are doing though is to apply for an extension and keep trying until you get confirmation in writing .
  4. Jojoe

    RRV Plans effected by COVID 19

    The fact that they announced that they are extending temporary visa holders who are already here in Australia extensions on their visas that are due to expire within the next 6 months I would say that they would likely extend a residents return visa for a permanent resident that is offshore . I would contact immigration as soon as possible to ask for an extension . I can’t see why they would refuse due to the current circumstances. They have been repatriating Australian citizens and permanent residents of Australia and allowing both to enter Australia under strict isolation rules of mandatory Isolation for 14 days in a hotel in the Australian state they arrive in .( I would however be cautious of the permanent residence status as it may only be allowed for those that currently have a home established here in and may not include PR residents that have been living out of Australia for some time . This is only my opinion and would need to check with immigration regarding this ) It has also been announced that it is currently expected that no international travel from Australia will be allowed until at least the end of the year and more than likely to be 2021 ( apart from repatriations and exempts ) .
  5. Jojoe

    Applying for RRV from outside Australia

    I would suggest you get advice from a registered migrant agent . From what I am reading you all have a permanent residence visa but your right to travel on that visa has expired . The fact that you are outside Australia on expiry of your right to travel on your permanent visa will need professional advice and help.
  6. Jojoe

    Areas to live gold coast?

    The Gold Coast is a beautiful place that has been my home for over 7 years . People generally choose places to settle depending on work commitments , life choices and cost. The northern suburbs are an easier commute to Brisbane , the southern areas are closer to beaches . I would always suggest a holiday stay if possible to have a good look around the areas before making a commitment to a specific area as everyone likes something different , but the good Coast has lots to offer and great for all ages a great place to live
  7. So count 4 years back from lodgement date of 11/9/2020 which is 11/9/2016 . Taking into consideration the lawful residence date of 7/2/1016 which gives an extra 7 months residency in calculations . The fact that the permanent residency kicks in at 31/8 /2019 so any absence from this date could fall under the clause of not being calculated as an absence due to being a continual permanent residence of Australia and continually living in Australia . The fact that 4 years back falls on the 11/ 9/ 2016 means calculations of absence are only calculated from that date until permanent residency of 31/8/2019 which is roughly 12 months in total .This could give you your missing 17 months and where I believe the calculations you were given are right . All the best for your citizenship .
  8. Jojoe

    Long term outlook for kids

    My daughter and her boyfriend live in Sydney , which they have been there for just short of 2years . They are 23 years old and currently renting their property. They both have permanent jobs and both been promoted since starting there . They are really enjoying their life in Sydney and are managing the cost of living pretty well to say neither of them had experience of running a household before . They have no family in Sydney as we are in Queensland and the rest back in the Uk . They went there with very little savings as was travelling Australia prior to settling there . They are even managing to save a little which they have used to buy household goods and return flights back to the Uk . They have made many friends , and seem to manage their wages well to enable them to enjoy a very good social life too. They plan to stay in Sydney whilst my daughters boyfriend completes his 3 years training which he started last year , but they are not clear on their plans after this of whether to stay in Sydney or come back to Queensland where they started. They both went back to the UK at Christmas and couldn’t wait to get back to Sydney, they were both shocked at how miserable and skint there friends were and how little they had moved on with their lives . They have embraced their life in Australia and this is where they see there future .
  9. Jojoe

    Proving a Dependent Child who is in Work

    We were unsuccessful getting our eldest daughter on our pr 186 visa , throughout the visa process she was still at high school and due to it being a complex visa situation it took until she was at uni before it was finally granted . She was still at uni aged 21 living in student accommodation with a government grant , coming home on weekends and all holidays , apart from a small Saturday job she had no other income and was reliant on us and her grant . She was deemed non dependant on the main visa applicant and was refused on our visa which was granted for two adults and three of her siblings , we was told there was no room for appeal , she was dependent on her student grant and not us , We went through a registered migration agent and they were shocked at the decision , this was 2012
  10. Jojoe

    Help with what to take, what to leave!

    We live in QLD and didn't bring any winter clothes but really wished we had , we brought over some of the kids toys esoeciallly Lego , we were so glad we did as we found the choice over here was a lot more limited and more expensive , we sold all the Lego a few years later on a local site after they had grown out of it and got a really good price for it . The kids were so happy when their belongings arrived . . We brought fridge/freezer and washing machine but wished we brought our dryer. If space is limited then I would bring items that would cost the most to replace over here ,we found kitchen items the easiest and cheapest items to replace ,, we brought everything we could with us in our container and the only things we wished we had were winter clothes , the dryer and more warm bedding
  11. Jojoe

    Wheel chair friendly flights to Australia

    Thankyou so much for your reply , it's been very valuable and provided many options that we have not considered . We really so appreciate your time to comment and to share tour advice
  12. Jojoe

    Wheel chair friendly flights to Australia

    Thankyou so much for your reply and the link you gave us , Your time to comment is very much appreciated and very useful.We are now currently looking into contacting airlines.and so hoping that it won't be a constraint but your link has given other options to consider so thankyou so much for that
  13. Jojoe

    Skill migration visa

    I would always suggest meeting with a redgistered migrant to discuss your pathways , qualifications and experience are a stepping stone but not always a direct pathway , therefore ro get a clear response it is always best to go to a professional . Cert 3 in childcare I know Would not get a PR Visa but bot knowing what your masters is in I can't comment on that and your bachelor of education 2015 either . I would strongly suggest you seek advice from a redgistered migrant agent to ensure you are or have already sought the necessary qualifications. . Good luck on your journey
  14. Jojoe

    thinking of moving to gold coast

    My hubby is a service engineer for a company in Brisbane( we live on the GC) and recommends your hubby searches engineering companies in Brisbane and contacts them direct . He says seek and agencies are a good avenue for jobs but recommends phoning direct to companies is a better option . He will private message you of a company to try if the message doesn't come through let me know . He also says you will be better off looking at a company in Brisbane rather than the Gold Coast due to pay