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  1. nesma ewaida

    Northern territory nomination

    I'm about to apply for NT nomination, my job is on their industry priority list. Is there anyone here has applied recently and got nomination? How long does it take on average? Did you apply for 190 or 489 visa type? Did you have a job offer? I haven't Thanks
  2. nesma ewaida

    NT nomination visa 489

    @wrussell Thank you for your help
  3. nesma ewaida

    NT nomination visa 489

    Hi all, now after being refused by SA because my application is not on the high point category anymore, with 80 points, Project administrator all I have now is Northern territory. I have questions about the application 1- what is a valid proof for employability can be if I don't have time to send emails to employers ( I know it's useless from overseas)? They mentioned job advertisements on different websites and dates, is it sufficient? Do I have to mention something about those job advertisements or just attach them as they are? 2- how can I prove the net value of my assets (car, house, land, etc.) 3- what is valid proof that I know all about the climate, living expenses, work opportunities in The NT? If anyone here has been through this whole process with the NT, please help, for others please answer only what you are sure of, no offense Thanks in advance.
  4. nesma ewaida

    489 sponsored visa for SA

    Hello everyone, I've just lodged my application for South Australia nomination on 15 /12, I have few questions and I would highly appreciate if there's someone has been through this before to answer this - by the way, my occupation is a program or project administrator with 80 points - they will update their occupation list in January, will this affect my application? - they will raise the high points bar anyway. When to expect that? and will it affect my application? - Is the processing time still 5 weeks, even in holidays? - my husband functional English certificate, it will be one year old on ends 20th Jan, Do we have to re-sit the exam if we applied after that date? - I've learned that the next round for invitations is on 11st Jan, Is it related to this kind of visa or not?
  5. nesma ewaida

    Visa 489 - Way Forward

    @KPG unfortunately I'm taking my IELTS exam on December 16th , so I will apply on the special condition apply regulations any way , I hope it works Thanks for asking Thanks
  6. nesma ewaida

    Visa 489 - Way Forward

    @KPG Thanks
  7. nesma ewaida

    Visa 489 - Way Forward

    @SUPERSTARDJ01 If you reviewed the website of SA , you will find out yourself http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/skilled-migrants/lists-of-state-nominated-occupations and this website Anzscosearch
  8. nesma ewaida

    Visa 489 - Way Forward

    @KPG Thanks for your concern , actually I didn't apply to SA migration yet I'm still in at the point of English Exam preparation, which won't take long , supposedly any way I can get 80 points if I was able to crack PTE with 65+ , the thing I was preparing my self for
  9. nesma ewaida

    Visa 489 - Way Forward

    @KPG Thanks for your feedback but my husband still needs time to proof functional English , can I apply then Edit the EOI with the result ?, and when to pay the visa fees 6000 AUD , in which stage ? as I get it EOI then SA application with all the papers requirement , then invitation and payment , finally visa granting Is it right ?
  10. nesma ewaida

    Visa 489 - Way Forward

    Hello , I would like to further explain my status and ask about somethings 1- I had a positive assessment from Vetassess earlier this month as a Project Administrator 2- I'm preparing for PTE Exam 3- I'm 31 yrs old , going to be 32 this March. 4- I want to apply for SA skilled nomination program visa 489 What I don't or can't get 1-whether the EOI & the visa application which one first 2- The process itself sumbit EOI and fill application online and send papers via Email or What??
  11. nesma ewaida

    489 regional selection question?

    I was talking about visa 489
  12. nesma ewaida

    489 regional selection question?

    @SD_MOA Hello sir, I wonder about the same kind of visa for (South Australia) region, SA has financial proof Policy , I can't determine if this was just for students or for the skilled workers as well. and if this for skilled worker what is a dependent in the terms of Australian migration? I appreciate you help so much Thanks in advance
  13. nesma ewaida

    Required Qualification Point

    @Richard Gregan Sir, another question I will be grateful if you answered, about the financial requirements of visa 489 SA sponsorship, Is it for students or also for the skilled migrants and what is a dependent ?
  14. nesma ewaida

    Visa 489 - Way Forward

    Yes I checked you are right I always thought that this job was on the supplementary List as last year... Sorry. can you confirm any thing about my question above
  15. nesma ewaida

    Visa 489 - Way Forward

    I'm In the same boat but I should get 80 points in my EOI to be eligible to apply , but my question here will be about the financial requirements of SA for me as a main Applicant and my family , a husband and a 9yrs old boy ? Is this financial requirements for students only or also the skilled workers? Thanks