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  1. Hi all, can anyone help clarify the below statement...242111 University Lecturer (Suitable for the position of Research Associate or Research Fellow in a University) "Suitable for the position of Research Associate or Research Fellow in a University"Can a Research Fellow (but not a lecturer) working in the uni be nominated by "242111 University Lecturer" occupation ?And If so, can this occupation go with 186 (direct entry) or just can do 457 (long term TSS from now on) and transfer to 186 later ?Thanks all
  2. Irene12345

    Skill assessment for Engineer

    Thanks for your prompt reply, George yes, both physicist and engineering technologist are still on 190 list. So, could I confirm my understanding... If he gets his bachelor degree in science to do skill assessment, he can still claim extra point from phd degree which is different major from his bachelor, is that correct?
  3. Irene12345

    Skill assessment for Engineer

    Hi there, My boyfriend is doing phd in "Machanical Engineering " in Australia. And he plans to apply for visa189 after graduation. For his education background, he did Master of Material Engineering in China and Bachelor of Material Physics and Chemistry from China as well. In this case, can he get skill assessment from EA with phd in machanical engineering? His bachelor is science degree which is not in SOL list. Cheers