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  1. Its reciprocal medicare, basically an agreement between uk and Oz, still get a card but not full cover until I apply for the partner visa
  2. Its a good feeling when you have the flight booked!! When do you arrive in Oz? We've got our new joint bank account set up, applied for my Vic licence and Medicare card too.
  3. Lever40

    Medical Cover while on a PMV

    Im now in oz on a Prospective Marriage Visa and after Medicare but apparently there is a loop hole that on a PMV you cant apply for Medicare until you have submitted the Partner visa which would be after we are married! Would I still be covered some what on the reciprocal agreement that Britain and Australia have with medical cover for citizens.
  4. Thanks!! Think mine arrives September 14th about a month earlier than expected! Yeah she is, made the leaving part much easier!
  5. Just thought Id drop by since its been a while from I was on here. We arrived in Oz yesterday morning after spending about 3 weeks touring through the south east of the Republic of Ireland and about 2 weeks in Northern Ireland with my family before flying out of Dublin on Wednesday night, spend a day in Dubai ( Loved it and would recommend) and arrived here on Saturday morning! Next step is to change over my license, sort out the bank accounts in uk and oz and to start looking at rentals! Start back to the shop I used to work in when I was last in Oz!
  6. Dam yours was fast !! Id love to do a campervan trip of Oz! Some day! Which part of Melbourne are you heading too?
  7. Lever40

    what are you doing right now?

    Sorting out the shipping docs for the Move Cube tomorrow! Then the good lady and her mother arrive on Sunday for a 2.5 weeks in the republic of Ireland and then about 10 days in Northern Ireland before we all fly back to Oz and the new adventure begins!
  8. Had my last day of work on Friday, MoveCube comes tomorrow, sitting sorting out all the forms and items for each box, hoping its a smooth day tomorrow! I had waaay more to go through and sort than I thought!
  9. Lever40

    Quotes move cube vs Anglo pacific

    Ive booked with move cube and if you look at the breakdown of the destination charges its basically the customs clearance charge plus the delivery fee of the cube if you chose door to door
  10. Pretty sure this is the bomb that DUP Arlene Foster was involved in as a youngster.
  11. Theres forms to fill out and it details whats needed, for example.. Box 1 Clothes ... Box 2 Cutlery etc etc they dont need to know the pattern of your best shirt lol I've had no mention of material items are made off but the Move Cube folk have paper work with guide lines on each section of the customs forms. They do say put shoes etc at the front of the box. Yeah it totally is, never expected so.. I just imagined packing a suit case and going You can get help with packing and unpacking the Movecube. Its on the quotation on their website if you choose it. Where are you moving from ?
  12. Lever40

    Why Weetbix and not WeetaBix in Oz?

    Haha because they where a limited commodity I only ate them on special occassions, such a Monday through to Sunday...
  13. Lever40

    Why Weetbix and not WeetaBix in Oz?

    Weetabix is awesome. My Nan always sent me a pack of 12, Mars bars, Turkish delights and tayto crisps when i was on my WHV Sent from my SM-G900I using PomsinOz mobile app
  14. The town where I live seen alot of the troubles, Im in my mid 20s but I still remember the bombings, I remember the soldiers walking fully armed on both sides of the streets, I remember the huge barriers that closed off the main street. I remember the helicopters dropping troops into the fields where we played. I remember the family members being targeted by the Ira, unfortunately someone else was killed in this instance because of mistaken identity, but in recent years a relative was targeted by the Ira and killed on his way to work, was big headlines here and still does be. Most of the hotels in the town have been blew up at least once, the bar around the corner from me was blew up twice and endless amounts of bomb 'scares'. Things are different today most of the time but there is still tension in certain places and at certain times, Ive no respect for the IRA or anyone who was a 'follower' that includes some members of Sinn Fein, ( Might I add its the same for those from UVF/UDA etc) I know that many people viewed Northern Ireland as a extremely dangerous place to visit ( and still do) but these days its probably one of the safest now!
  15. Lever40

    Tower Block Fire ladbroke grove

    This the same dude that was interviewed by bbc at about 8am (uk time ) ? Had his young step daughter and gf ?