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  1. The medical for the our children (toddler and baby) just involved a physical exam. The doctor felt their tummies and backs, looked in their ears and mouths and then measured their height and weight. No X-ray, urine or blood test but I believe children from some countries do require a blood test. Yes it has to be a panel physician so the same place you have the adult medicals. They will be able to tell you the cost as that is dependent on where you have it done. Unless a medical professional has told you not to vaccinate your baby I would urge you to do some serious research on the matter. It’s important that you are aware of the implications of your baby catching any of those life altering/ending diseases and whether you think it’s worth taking the risk. Added to that, the Australian government do not look kindly on those that choose not to vaccinate and withhold some benefits and restrict access to childcare and education during the event of an outbreak. I am not judging you, trying to make the right choices for your child can be hard but in this case I hope you think long and hard about this as it could potentially impact your child for the rest of their lives. Good luck with the visa process
  2. SarahL

    Visa granted! What to do next?

    Good luck with selling your house
  3. Yes we received our visa grant last week, 6th February.
  4. SarahL

    Visa granted! What to do next?

    We are putting ours on the market next week. Lots of decluttering, cleaning and tidying to be done!
  5. SarahL

    Visa granted! What to do next?

    We visited during July/August 2017 as my husband had never been to Perth before and we wanted to be sure it was right for us.
  6. SarahL

    Visa granted! What to do next?

    No pets so no problem there but good advice for anyone that refers to this later on. Good to know thanks. Which bank did you go with? We are moving to Perth.
  7. SarahL

    Visa granted! What to do next?

    Hadn’t thought of getting a record of our immunisations so I’ll add that one thanks
  8. SarahL

    Visa granted! What to do next?

    Thanks. Yep, I’m hoping people can help me add to those lists as I don’t want to miss anything! We are both secondary school teachers. Well I was before we had kids but I am hoping to return to it in a couple of years.
  9. SarahL

    Visa granted! What to do next?

    I should have said that we are planning on going over in September so I was trying to think about all the things we need to get done by then eg open bank accounts etc. I like to be prepared so I know what we can sort out while we are still in the UK and what needs to be done when we arrive.
  10. SarahL

    Visa granted! What to do next?

    189 and British If you are asking to get an idea of processing time then ours was a bit delayed due to having a newborn to add to our application. Visa lodged in May, co contact for medicals etc in August, baby born September and added to application, medicals and police checks completed in Dec.
  11. SarahL

    Visa granted! What to do next?

    Our visas have finally been granted after a year and a half since starting the process! Wahoo! Anyway I’m wondering if anyone has a list of things to do before and after arriving in Australia? Please feel free to direct me to another post as I’m guessing this has been covered before!! Thanks in advance for your help. The advice given on this forum was a huge help and the reason I felt confident that I could complete our (relatively uncomplicated) visa application independently.
  12. They replied with the HAP ID in early December, about two months after I emailed them. We completed the medicals just before Christmas so now just waiting for the visa grant!
  13. Good point. Have read a few horror stories on here so will definitely be getting insurance through a separate company! Thanks
  14. Thanks for the recommendation, will get a quote from them. That's definitely something to keep in mind. We may be able to send our stuff ahead of us though so may not be an issue.
  15. SarahL

    Shippers, not recommended

    That sounds awful. Hope you manage to get it sorted. Could you pm the name of the company please. Thanks