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  1. Zeyad

    Plan to migrate from scratch

    Thanks again.. Any tip on which trades are currently in demand? I was told before that some trades require only work experience which can compensate for study as a qualification.
  2. Zeyad

    Plan to migrate from scratch

    Thanks guys.. Any tips about the current TAFE courses which can lead to a skilled migration from the current occupation list as it stands today?
  3. Hi My cousin is 18 years old and about to finish her high school in Belgium. She wants to migrate here in Australia. We would appreciate any advice regarding type of study/career which she can undertake to facilitate her migration. She would like to take a course in TAFE first. Any tip of which course/path she could follow to make her migration journey easy? Regards Zey
  4. Thanks Amanda. This is very useful. I have asked for confirmation last week and still no response. I'm not sure what else I can do?
  5. Hi Amanda, Thanks for your reply. Was the e-mail confirmation an automatically generated one? because I received this first following first correspondence before submitting the documents but nothing following that! Regards Zeyad
  6. Hi, Does any one know how long it would take for the PVC team to respond after the requested documents are submitted? PVC team1 has contacted us regarding my mother 173 contributory visa, they asked for docs to be submitted which we did. Two weeks have gone and no word. There is no confirmation email. I am only worried because they indicated that we must respond within 28 days otherwise they will take a decision. Any ideas?