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  1. Thanks for the responses - hopefully won't be too much longer. I've applied for ACT and will hopefully be moving in August (providing the visa comes through!)
  2. Hello there, I lodged my 190 visa application on DIBP (via my agent) on 8th November 2016. I then received the request to conduct the medicals and police checks on 27th November. I was also asked to complete form 80 for me and my partner. Medicals (all clear), police checks (all clear) and completed form 80s were submitted online onto Immiaccount on 8th December. As far as I know, they now have everything they need. I know the DIBP website says the standard processing time is 3 months (which won't be until the start of February), but has anyone submitted their application at around the same time and heard anything yet and/or received the visa grant? Thank you!
  3. ELF1978

    190 visa processing times

    Hello, I am about to lodge my 190 visa application with the DIBP - my nomination has been approved by ACT and I have received my DIBP invitation to apply for the visa. Can anyone advise what the current DIBP processing times are i.e. from the point the visa application is lodged on SkillSelect to receiving the visa (including medicals and police checks)? Many Thanks, ELF1978
  4. ELF1978

    ACT 190 processing times

    I submitted my application for 190 state sponsorship to ACT on the 25th August (via my migration agent), but haven't heard anything yet. I know their website says they are currently processing overseas 190 applications submitted on 9th August but was wondering if anyone had submitted their application at around the same time as I did and whether they had heard anything yet (e.g. case officer assignment or decision)? Many Thanks!