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  1. I wondered whether anybody knows if this is possible? If I completed the skills assessment and gained an OTSR (which is part of what you would normally need to gain a visa) would I be able to use this to attend college in Australia and complete the required re-training year in Aus on a Working Holiday Visa? Potentially in the future I could return pre-qualified *That is if you can even work as an unlicensed electrician on a WHV!
  2. Hopefully some of you on here can help us, Me and my girlfriend returned from Australia earlier on in the year and while she was there on her working holiday visa she was employed for approximately 2 months with the same company. She has a final pay summary from this company and on our quest to see if she was entitled to any tax money back it has come to our suspicion the company she worked for did not pay enough tax on her behalf meaning she owes money I know many travellers receive a refund when they leave but it appears to be a nightmare finding information on this and the taxback companies are just out to make a few quid. The answer to this question is probably completely obvious but should we potentially pursue getting any owed money paid and is it likely that this could hinder her chances of getting a visa in the future if we don't?
  3. Thanks all for your helpful replies! I was under the impression that this was how it works although looking further into it I couldn't find anything in writing! Thanks for clearing this up Absolutely right - it wouldn't be such a great country if they let anyone in, I was referring to the things I will have to do to be eligible to work and re qualify for a year like you say before I can become licensed. Presumably on a lower wage - it will be interesting to see how easy it will be earning less for a while! With regards to living together, what are they looking for? Rent?
  4. Using the word spouse I made it unclear, we are not currently married.
  5. First of all, Hi to everyone who reads this! I am an Electrician from Essex and will most likely be a regular here to aid in the pursuit of a life in Aus! Following a 6 month travelling holiday to Australia, me and my girlfriend are at the very beginning of looking in to permanently moving down under. As above, I am a Fully Qualified Electrician with the appropriate time served and relevant experience - I will be looking to immigrate as a Skilled Worker I have spent many hours searching through forums and I am surprised at the hoops they make you jump through to be eligible to work. Before I spend more time looking into this I wondered whether anyone would be able to tell me how Visa's work in regards to bringing a spouse? We have been together 2 years, unfortunately she does not have a relevant qualification or experience in any occupation on the list they are looking for. How does this work and/or is it possible? Could she immigrate on the back of my application? Any help much appreciated Mark