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  1. ZoeTaylor

    Phoning back to the UK

    Thanks guys. We are here now and have already got a pre-pay mobile which works for 1000 mins to the UK for the first month. Skype seems to be a great way to ring the UK pretty cheaply. Loving Australia and our first stop for Christmas with family in Melbourne and very excited to head to our new home in Adelaide tomorrow :-)
  2. ZoeTaylor

    Labelling within a Movecube

    Thanks Snifter - another thing we can eject from the already too full Movecube!!!
  3. ZoeTaylor

    Labelling within a Movecube

    Mmmmm....think I must be being stupid then. I saw that you may need a top box to make your UK TV work, but I wasn't sure whether it needed to be an Oz top box or whether our UK one will work?
  4. ZoeTaylor

    Labelling within a Movecube

    Thanks everyone for this. Just read the bit about TV's and Radio - looks like both radio and TV will be good to bring but, and this may be a really stupid question...we have an external top box to get all the freeview channels here - will that work in Oz?
  5. ZoeTaylor

    Labelling within a Movecube

    Haha, poor Santa! Great advice, thanks guys - other than shoes and decs, anything else we should put at the front?
  6. ZoeTaylor

    Labelling within a Movecube

    Cheers Snifter - thought that would probably be ok. Thanks.
  7. Hi all Well, the clock is most definitely ticking. All of a sudden, we have very little time left before our large Movecube is delivered. We are only just starting to look at packing and looking through the paperwork is freaking me out! There is an example inventory form whereby it says:- Red suitcase: Jumpers, t-shirt, ski jacket, socks, gloves and scarfs, picture frame - for instance. Surely it would be sufficient to say 'clothes' (assuming you didn't put a picture frame in there)? It just seems a bit overkill and we have sooooo much to do! I know people on these forums have used Movecubes so would be grateful for your wisdom. Thanks. Zoe
  8. ZoeTaylor

    Phoning back to the UK

    Hi Thanks again. Whatsapp, Skype etc are great (although not for some of our older relatives). The problem will be if we need to call British banks, mortgages companies, pension companies etc I guess. Hopefully we can get some inclusive international minutes for that scenario. Zoe
  9. ZoeTaylor

    Shipping Bikes

    Thanks DukeNinja!
  10. ZoeTaylor

    Shipping Bikes

    Thanks Snifter. Just saw that you were in Bristol before moving to Adelaide Snifter - that's where we are coming from!
  11. ZoeTaylor

    Shipping Bikes

    Thanks DukeNinja! We are going to sell ours here and just buy second hand ones when we get to Adelaide. Out of interest, was your Movecube on time? We're sending a large Movecube at the end of October...
  12. ZoeTaylor

    Phoning back to the UK

    That's great - thanks all. I think Skype/Whatsapp plus hopefully some free international calls on our mobile contracts will be the way to go. It would be good though if people could call us but I guess we'll just have to be organised! Thanks again.
  13. ZoeTaylor

    Phoning back to the UK

    Hi all We are trying to think of the cheapest way to phone back from Oz to the UK when we get there and also for people to be able to get hold of us without it costing a fortune. Hubby is thinking we should get a basic £5 per month SIM card that allows you to use your phone in Australia. Not even sure these exist. Googling is saying that a phone card with a landline is best. Any advice gratefully received! Thanks. Zoe
  14. ZoeTaylor

    Meet up in Adelaide

    I'll definitely be up for a meet up when we arrive in January - thanks!